Koh Samet Shopping, Where To Shop and What to Buy in Koh Samed
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Koh Samet Shopping

What to Buy and Where to Shop in Koh Samet

Koh Samet Shopping, Where To Shop and What to Buy in Koh SamedKoh Samet - one of islands in Thailand where the idea of shopping, not so excites your brain than the main moment of travel. All products are delivered to the island from the mainland so expect to pay much more than for similar shops in Bangkok or Pattaya.

The price here - not a unique problem. The choice of purchases is limited to bright and color beachwear, flip-flops, toilet accessories, antimoskito means, subjects of a decor from cockleshells, inflatable beach toys, bags and drinks. Main, so to say the market, is in the covered transition connecting village with beach Sai Kaew. Imagine to itself a minimarket, the cabins covered with straw where all goods are spread out and submitted in any specific order.
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Koh Samet Shopping Guide,What to Buy and Where to Shop in Koh SametOther places for shopping are on the beaches with high concentration of tourists like as Sai Kaew beach, Wong Duen beach and Ao Phai beach. In Ао Phai inside Samed Pavilion resort there is a quite good souvenir boutique. In northern part of Ao Pudsa on the beach local craftsmen sells graceful ornaments from sea cockleshells. Two minimarkets 7/11 are located in Na Dan village, one near a pier another is closer to Sai Kaew beach. There are some picture galleries here.

Beachvendors will come up to you and offer all kinds of items from flowery sarongs and hats to grilled eggs and dried squid. Even if you don't need anything, they come around so often that you will eventually buy a thing or two just to get them out of your face. If you want to get a big discount do not forget the smile.
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You can buy souvenir, T-shirts with word 'Koh Samet', sea shell decorations, sun lotion and bug spray, sarongs, dried foods, specially candies, beer and whisky, snorkeling equipment and much more. Anything bought here you can bargain for, but they will not go down on the prices much at all. What to buy in Koh Samet, check in our photo gallery...


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