Koh Samet Restaurants and Dining, Where and What to Eat in Koh Samed
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Koh Samet Restaurants and Dining, Where and What to Eat in Koh SamedThe most of hotels and resorts in Koh Samet have own beach-front restaurants and usually serve wide choice of Thai and international food including fresh seafood. And if you prefer an atmosphere of island and more simple local dining head to Sai Kaew beach, Ao Phai beach or Ao Hin Khok beach.

Stay on these three popular beaches, the evening will bring your eyes endless rows of tables with seafood served at dusk in a tropical style with low candlelit tables and straw mats, loaded triangular pillows(Mon) and the ottomans. The food, however, as struck, and passes the eye, and it is almost impossible to say what place has the best seafood, and which are merely the screen. The best advice is the propagation of their kind, to study the menu and figure out where best to go.

During the day almost all the main beaches wander the beach vendors selling everything from fresh fruit, chilled coconuts, dried squid, and ending with a fiery green papaya salad "som Tam", as well as a proposal to make a tattoo and even Thai massage.
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Ban Ploi Samet restaurant

Ban Ploi Samet restaurant To get to this floating restaurant, call the small bell on the pier near the resort, and then you will come to the white raft that will take you to the small 'island ' where the restaurant is located. Thai seafood restaurant serves a selection of seafood cooked in Thai style, served with rice and a variety of soups: Tom Yum with shrimp, gang Om, spicy salads with shrimp and squid, fish in lemon sauce, fried oysters and much more. Enjoy food for a low table with sea views.
Place: Ao Noi Na beach, near Na Dan Pier
The prices: reasonable

Blue Sky restaurant

Blue Sky restaurant KOH SAMET SAMED ÎÑÒÐÎÂ ÑÀÌÅÒ ÒÀÈËÀÍÄ ÎÒÅËÈ ÑÀÌÅÒÀ Located on a wide ledge in the Northern part of the bay with beautiful views of the entire Wong Duan beach area, Blue Sky restaurant despite its size offers an impressive range of delicious seafood. The prices here are cheaper than similar restaurants in Wong Duen but an amazing view of the bay makes the dining here much more enjoyable. The same species appears in front of you at the resort's restaurant Vimarn Samed resort next door, but quite at different prices. Well, if you are looking for cheap housing, Blue Sky can offer bamboo huts on 500 Bath/night
Place: Ao Vong Duen, resort Blue Sky Bungalows
The prices: reasonable

Thongta Pha View restaurant

Thongta Pha View restaurant  KOH SAMET SAMED ÎÑÒÐÎÂ ÑÀÌÅÒ ÒÀÈËÀÍÄ ÎÒÅËÈ ÑÀÌÅÒÀ Located on a small headland at the northern end of Ao Cho, Thongta Pha restaurant that I would be called Blue Sky, because the wooden deck over the water, surrounded by trees, protected from the sun's bright blue umbrellas, creating the illusion of a blue sky. Menu of Thai and international food. Be sure to try the fried fish with salt, crab in yellow curry, cakes with shrimp and seafood with Thai herbs. Pour food you can drink from the bar: Margarita, Mojito, or at worst a cocktail Sex on the beach. Here you can also rent bungalows.
Place: Ao Cho beach
The prices: reasonable

Jep's Bungalow & Restaurant

Jep's Bungalow & Restaurant This modest restaurant in the south end of the Hin Khok beach known among the many budget tourists as possible food venue, where whip up delicious local food and seafood. Unprecedented favorites here include: pad thai, fried chicken with cashew nuts on rice, crab in curry with rice and a barbecue, which do here on the shore in front of your eyes. Dining here was mainly used for tables and chairs.
Place: Ao Hin Khok beach
The prices: reasonable

Samet Villa restaurant

Samet Villa restaurant As part of the swiss resort under the same name, this restaurant serves dinner a large selection of BBQ seafood. Love to eat right on the sand for you low tables and comfortable pillows neatly on the shore, with the best sea views. On menu is Thai and European food are served for breakfast and during the day on the beach terrace.
Place: Ao Phai beach, resort Samet Villa Resort
The prices: reasonable

Seaview Restaurant in Ao Prao Resort

Seaview Restaurant in Ao Prao Resort  KOH SAMET SAMED ÎÑÒÐÎÂ ÑÀÌÅÒ ÒÀÈËÀÍÄ ÎÒÅËÈ ÑÀÌÅÒÀ Pleasing more bombastic clientele this restaurant is part of Ao Prao Resort offers a tantalizing selection of dishes Thai and international cusine from an a la carte menu. Seafood and grilled meat, satay and kebabs, grilled potatoes and much more. The best thing at dinner is amazing sunset though not quite complete, as the restaurant is on the northern edge of the private beach.
Place:Ao Prao beach, in Ao Phrao resort
The prices: dearly

Ploy Thalay restaurant

Ploy Thalay restaurant Ploy Thalay pub & restaurant set at the heart of Sai Kaew beach, gathers huge crowds of tourists in the evenings. And this is due not only colorful fire show and live music - a selection of seafood here is huge. The open kitchen is infested with crabs, tiger shrims, fish, oysters and lobsters. You can even watch how to prepare your dish, whether snapper, barbeque or fried mussels in garlic sauce. All food is very tasty and served quickly. Designated meal only on the shore in the standard for the island setting - low table, lit a kerosene lamp, mat and pillow. In the bar all kinds of drinks.
Place: center of Sai Kaew beach
The prices: reasonable

Restaurant-bar Viking Holiday at Viking Holiday resort

Restaurant-bar Viking Holiday at Viking Holiday resort Skiing on the wall, photos of Norway and other Scandinavian attributes mixed with Thai decor, heavy wooden furniture, ceiling fans and fresh sea breezes await you at this charming restaurant. In menu north european and Thai cuisine. You can eat both inside and outside on the shore admiring the sea views. There is a large TV screen, in the evening you can watch the films, as well as free WiFi. The staff... well, very friendly.
Place: Ao Sang Thian beach, in Viking Holiday resort
The prices: reasonable

Restaurant-bar Apache

Restaurant-bar Apache KOH SAMET SAMED ÎÑÒÐÎÂ ÑÀÌÅÒ ÒÀÈËÀÍÄ ÎÒÅËÈ ÑÀÌÅÒÀ Thatched roofs, heavy tables, lots of flowers, ropes, instead of chairs trimmed the trees, in the centre decorated with bright feathers wooden head Indian chief and the long pier consisting of "separate rooms" going far away into the sea. This is Apache restaurant the most bright and vivid spot in Lung Dam beach. A varied menu of Thai (Eastern Thailand), European and Latin American cuisine and seafood. Some dishes are quite spicy, don't forget to warn when ordering (say: Mai Phet|krap|ka). The pleasure of eating get the most when having lunch in the sea on the pier throwing leftover food into the water, which immediately poodude shoals of small fishes. For dessert there is ice cream and Thai sweets.
Place: Ao Lung Dum beach
The prices: low

Chilli restaurant

Chilli restaurant  KOH SAMET SAMED ÎÑÒÐÎÂ ÑÀÌÅÒ ÒÀÈËÀÍÄ ÎÒÅËÈ ÑÀÌÅÒÀ Located on the main village road opposite the 7/11, Chilli attracts crowds dreaming for steak, delicious Thai soups, curries, seafood and inexpensive breakfasts. Clean and cosy restaurant in the European style, helpful staff and quick service. Wide menu for convenience designed by photo of the finished dishes.
Place: the main street Na Dan, opposite 7/11
The prices: reasonable
Koh Samed Seafood & Dining Photo
KOH SAMET SAMED ÎÑÒÐÎÂ ÑÀÌÅÒ ÒÀÈËÀÍÄ ÎÒÅËÈ ÑÀÌÅÒÀKoh Samet restaurants, dining, food, sea food, check our photo gallery...


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