Koh Samet Activities, What to Do in Koh Samed
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Ko Samet Activities

What to Do in Koh Samed

Koh Samet Activities, What to Do in Koh SamedKoh Samet is the place where you can live a perfectly lazy day doing very little except felting on the warm sand or enjoy water sports. Best of all no planning is required especially if you stay at one of the most popular beaches, as Sai Kaew beach, Ao Phai beach, Ao Wong Duen beach where many activities are available right on the doorstep of your resort or hotel.

Discover a full range of all that the island has to offer, whether there will be Thai massage, diving, snorkelling , water skis and kayak, parasailing or exotic sea fishing, ATV trip and even Thai boxing. Speedboat tours and excursions can be ordered in any point of Koh Samet and it's fine way to see more remote beaches and the western coast Koh Samet, and also nearby islands of national park Mu Ko Samet. With an abundance of beaches and islands of national park to explore, a fun history and culture to discover, and fantastic dining and nightlife choices, the only thing you'll find lacking is the time to see and to do all that Ko Samed has to offer.

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Diving and Snorkelling

koh samed ko samet Rather fine, east gulfs Samet , are the most suitable for diving. Night diving, also are popular among various categories of skilled divers. Discover an abundance of porcupine pufferfish and manta rays just off Ao Phai's coast, swim among the black-tipped sharks, stingrays, barracudas, multi-coloured ferns, corals and star fish at the southern tip near Ao Kiu and Shark Point, or explore the depths of the uninhabited western coast. Although there are only two qualified PADI centres, at Ao Phrao and Ao Kiu Na Nok, several others along Sai Kaew Beach and Ao Vong Duen are more than happy to arrange a customised tour or a morning drop-off and afternoon pickup service.
The best places for snork are located on all western coast, and also on east, since the middle of island and is farther to southern cape.
Cost of diving with an aqualung usually costs about 50 $, for two diving. Usually carry on the next islands or in the high sea. The underwater world to the south from island, is the most fascinating. The recommended period for immersing in water - from October till February when the sea is clear. During other time, during a monsoon, the sea becomes more dark, and visibility under water becomes worse. Except for various versions of coral reeves, there are also numerous kinds of fishes and sea animals, such as a whale shark, various slopes and sometimes sea turtles here swim away.
Quotations on diving about such:
- 2 diving + a lunch + a boat + the instructor - 2500 THB
- 2 diving + unforgettable day - 3000 THB
- 2 day time rates + the certificate - 10500 THB
- 4 day time rates + the certificate - 14500 THB
- snorkelling half day costs 300 THB or full day 600 THB

Coral Islands Tours by speedboat

Coral Islands Tours by speedboat  koh samed ko samet Day tour on the high-speed-boat, seasoned snorkelling and fishing - the best way to explore all latent Ko Samet beaches and bays , or that you prefer to see. The majority of operators speed boats basing Sai Kaew and Vong Duen, can help to organize to your trip which will include round to nearby islands Ko Kudi , Ko Talu , Ko Kruai, Ko Kham and Ko Plai Tin, a dinner, snork and usually coming to an end excursion on a fish farm. Besides big boat excursion which offer more weakened atmosphere and most likely will take away from you full day. Despite of everything, you can always choose round for visiting 11 most popular beaches Ko Samet on east and western coast. Also do not overlook to agree about the price, before landing(planting) aboard.
There are two alternatives: to go on a high-speed boat and to see practically all nearby islands or to buy round big boat around of Samet Island.
Both cruises takes full day from 11:00 till or till 17:00, and include or the packaged breakfast and BBQ, sometimes fishing trophies, and also all water which you can drink.
Trip on a high-speed boat to Ko Thalu, Ko Kudi, Ko Plai Tin and Ko Ma Kham islands alongside with visiting of a fishing farm - will cost about 600 THB.
Big boat tour for 11 beaches of Ko Samet, will cost between 350 and 600 THB, depending on duration and a site of your beach.
Cruise on a high-speed boat is considerably the best as you for superfluous one hundred, you will see much more and for short time.
Rent of a high-speed boat for morning fishing on three person - 2000-2500 THB. Usually suggest to fish from 07.00 till, in the rest of the time of a biting is not present....
There are also night, till 12.00 P.M, rounds for trip by a fishing boat, on night catching of a calamar under the price 500 THB.


Koh Samet Tours and Excursions

Koh Samet Tours and ExcursionsSnorkelling or simply sightseeing? Koh Samet has a some tours, covering every budget, interest and group size. You can join a speed boat tour and make some new friends or book a private boat excursion, get a flavour of local island life or relax with some retail and massage therapy, visit remote islands in the lap of luxury or check out the best of what is available immediately around you; there is much choice!


Motorised Water Sports - Jet Skis in Koh Samet

koh samed ko sametGenerally speaking, you can rent water sports equipment at popular beaches like Sai Kaew, Ao Phai and Ao Vong Duen beach which is also the best place to go for water sports like jet-skiing, wakeboarding and parasailing. Thrill-seekers beware, though, that jet-skis are both noisy and environmentally damaging. Also watch out for widespread scams perpetuated by the jet-ski owners, who have every inclination to either rip you off – it's not an exaggeration to say that to carefully photograph your jet-ski before using it as a wise thing to do, especially if they claim that you put the scratch down the side that will cost thousands to repair. Better to opt for non-motorised water sports, such as sailing, kayaking, or swimming, to save on environmental impact and a huge ‘repair' bill.


ParasailingParasailing is a fun choice of activity for those who like a dare while on holiday. In Koh Samet you will find a handful of operators on some popular beaches providing the service but the major centre for parasailing here is Sai Kaew Beach. Prices vary depending on who you talk to. On average, people pay about 1000 Bath/8min up to 2000 baht same time for two persons.

Some operators might try to use the terms ‘short rope’ and ‘long rope’ to make the prices higher, so you might need to practice some bargaining skills before committing to any length of rope. Riders will get a brief about safety procedures as well as ‘getting dressed’ in a lifejacket and hooked up to a parachute.

Canoe and Kayak

koh samed ko samet What can be better, discover Samet, than via your own paddle power? Canoe and kayak are two eco-friendly ways to see the island's picturesque coastline and remoter beaches further south. The waters off the eastern shores are more calm and paddle-friendly than the rough and rocky west coast. The best time to go is late afternoon, when you can also catch the gorgeous sunset – but play it safe – stay close to shoreline at this time of day.

Sailing, Windsurfing and Catamaran

koh samed ko sametSetting sail doesn't require much planning on Samet. Nearly every guesthouse and resort on the island can help you arrange the necessary equipment. The area north of Sai Kaew Beach is particularly good for sailing and windsurfing, as the strong currents and offshore winds offer a challenge. Catamarans are also available at the high-end resorts at Ao Phrao and Ao Kiu Na Nok beaches.

Sunset Cruise or Sunset Experience

koh samed ko samet Whether on the beach, on the rocks, or on your room's west-facing balcony, watching the Koh Samet sunset is an experience not to miss. You can make no effort at all or, with a little planning, splurge on a sunset cruise and make it a memorable event. If you plan to watch the ocean sunset from the beach or your resort's balcony, though, make sure that you stay at one of the hotels on the west coast (Ao Phrao and Ao Kiu).

Deep Sea Fishing and Squid Fishing

koh samed ko samet Home to a rich diversity of fish Koh Samet is a great place to try your hand at deep-sea fishing. Step aboard a fisherman's boat and set out. If you are lucky you might catch one of the more exotic fish – grouper, parrotfish, dorado, trevally, to name just a few. Alternatively, a squid fishing expedition will keep the night owls busy until dawn.
koh samed ko samet While the haphazardly paved roads on Koh Samet can be extremely dangerous for motorcyclists, they serve as an ideal playground for ATV riders. Swerving turns, bumping dirt roads, forking paths and a lush wilderness backdrop combine to make this a fun and thrilling experience. But do exercise caution as you will be sharing the road with songtaew drivers, who won't stop or make way for any other vehicles in their path.
Prices for rent :
- 1 hour- 400 THB, 2 hours - 700 THB, 3 hours - 800 THB, 24 hours - 1200 THB, Gasoline is applied free-of-charge. Island small, 7 km at length, and earth road only one, stretched from the north on the south, with short branches to beaches.

Beach Massage

koh samed ko samet Koh Samet has lifted art of traditional Thai massage on a new level. Instead of going to masseurs, they will come to you. You need to find only a shady place on a beach, and send a signal to one of masters, offering a low stool and a beach mat, here you and are ready. Before procedure discuss the price and style massage, well and is farther, as they say - a trick. Do not expect something the greater, than the basic mix and everyones of extension as these people not professionals, and and sometimes are not trained at all properly.
Some hotels and on island offer the unique therapeutic session. Also massage offer practically on each beach under the price from one 200-400 THB/hour.
Manicure or pedicure for 200THB.

Restaurants and Dining

koh samed ko samet Too some kind of activities.
Every evening in fact at each resort respecting it is direct on a beach it is developed culinary show - under the name BBQ . A choice very rich. On a fire all is put that it is possible to eat, beginning from corn and finishing, and ending lobsters. The average prices for seafoods about such:
- makrel - 350 THB/kg;
- Red snapper 400-500 THB/kg;
- White snapper 400-450 THB/kg;
- Calamars of 500 THB/kg;
- Shrimps, sea crabs of 500 THB/kg;
- Huge shrimps, royal 1200-1500 THB/kg;
- Molluscs and mussels of 80-150 THB/kg;
- A shish kebab from the hen, pork, a beef from 80 up to 150 THB for a portion .

Travelling around Ko Samet

koh samed ko samet For fans of productive leisure and to whom it is not sat on a place it is possible to advise to wander around of island. On Ko Samet is possible to find completely surprising places, beginning impassable jungle and finishing high rocks, travel on which demand full physical preparation.
Except for the western coast, all beaches are connected among themselves by tracks, the some people are shined at night with torches and lanterns. About one of such walks it is possible to read here....


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