Koh Samet Nightlife,Where To at Night in Koh Samed
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Koh Samet Nightlife

Where To at Night in Koh Samed

koh samet nightlife ko samedAlive night scene in Koh Samet nightlife has significant extent from Sai Kaew beach up to Ao Phai beach. Wishing to please budget travellers and backpackers these night venues frequently clone each other when business concerns main setting, music and the menu of drinks. Mat and comfortable cushions on the sand, low tables, lighting such as kerosene lamps set right on the sand creating a romantic setting under the starry tropical sky. Given the high competition, everyone seems to offers or happy hour of some sort, or some sort of drinking game, where You will be rewarded with a few free drinks.

From Thursday to Saturday you will have to share your place on the beach with a big Thai crowd from Bangkok and to everyone's delight to enjoy irresistible promotions relating to alcohol and cocktails. And if you don't mind you can try the 'Bucket' consisting of local whiskey mixed with ice and energy drink, which apparently has become a traditional drink of Ko Samed nightlife scene. Expect to see a line of dancing boys, masterly anglerfish live fire flashing on the beach at night - quite show which always attracts a large crowd of spectators. Here is completely soft and friendly atmosphere, as well as throughout the island and no one is anxious. So relax and enjoy a night of drinks in a tropical style.
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Baywatch bar

koh samet nightlife ko samed Comfortable and friendly, Baywatch bar is a small place with a big personality. At bar counter you will be offered a choice of Thai and imported beer in bottles or draught, as well as other interesting spirits. Managed by Dutchman, bar - unprecedented favorite among tourists and local expats. Take a seat inside or find a comfortable spot right on the sand, and walk all night to the sounds of pleasant music. There are also sports TV
Place: Ao Wong Duen beach
The prices: reasonable

Beach bar in Ao Prao Resort

koh samet nightlife ko samed Standing on the 'private' beach on the western coast Koh Samet, Beach bar in Ao Phrao Resort offers an alternative to the universal tourist night life, passing on the other side of the island. It is advisable to come early to occupy the best places under the sun (the moon). The soothing sounds of the waves and live music provide light entertainment until late. If your obsession enjoy a pleasant night in style then this is the place for You.
Place: Ao Phrao beach, Ao Phrao Resort
The prices: not cheap

Finale' Bar

koh samet nightlife ko samed Finale' is a beach bar at Grandview Resort Samed. This place is heavily filled with blue neon is very easy to find in Sai Kaew beach. Beach bar with its intimate atmosphere is made in a modern design, simple and tasteful. On the sand in front of the hotel spread out mats with soft cushions and low tables with candles, there is a bar with drinks and a small stage for live music. The menu had a lot of creative cocktails, liquors and wine and some tapas.

Samed Grandview Resort Koh Samet, Sai Kaew beach
The prices: not cheap

Friendly bar

Friendly bar koh samet nightlife ko samed Friendly, located in the southern end of Sai Kaew beach - ordinary beach bar with tropical design. Wooden structure with a bar inside, surrounded by bar stools and illuminated by neon. In front of the bar a small dance floor, good music, there is a wide TV screen. In the menu of cocktails, imported and local chilled beer, liqueurs and spirits + Thai snacks. Friendly also offers places on the beach where there is a low platform with Mon cushions and low tables. There is happy hour when all cocktails are offered at 100 Bath and also in the menu coctail bucket special night for the price of 250 Bath.

southern end of Sai Kaew beach
prices: cheap

Sunrise bar

Sunrise bar, koh samet nightlife ko samed Sunrise bar: located on the right side of Frienly. The futuristic design of this beach bar stands out in south end of Sai Kaew beach and offers a real chill out. In front of the main structure with a high metal tripod covered with a cloth white colors and moonlit neon light. Chairs with low tables with candles placed right on the sand as well as a lot of kerosene lamps and colored flags. Happy hour from 16:00 - 21:00 when all the cocktails go for the price of 80 Bath. From 21:00 - 23:00 with the purchase of one coctail bucket - second free. There is free wi-fi.

southern end of Sai Kaew beach
prices: reasonable

Gecko bar

koh samet nightlife ko samedThis small beach bar is known for its special cocktails and fruit ice cream. It is advisable to come early as sitting places are limited to no more than five tables. The restaurant is located next to Silver Sand Resort and have Internet café, standing near, with the outer part of the bar. Visitors come here for cheap delicious cocktails or game of pull.
Place: Ao Phai beach
Price: low

Naga bar

koh samet nightlife ko samed If You are looking for a place where you can relax with a drink in another, the price for which will not make a hole in your wallet all the while enjoying sea views you can boldly come to Naga bar. Here, for example Pina colada served in a whole young coconut and by friendly price. Naga bar has a loyal fan base among tourists who come here after sunset for cheap drinks, game of pull with friends, or watching Boxing matches taking place right here in the ring set across the bar.
Place: Ao Hin Khok, near resort Naga Bungalows
The prices: cheap

Silver Sand bar

koh samet nightlife ko samed Forget about your resort's bed and come here, one of the best scenes of the night life on the island. Silver Sand bar has reached the status of a great night-club among their fans. Now it hosts a big Full Moon Party which begins at midnight and continues all night long (bad news for the nearby resort guests). With a large dance floor, cool music, design created by type night club, cheap buckets with hot drinks, and possibly the best fire show on Ko Samed - dance and have fun.
Place: Ao Pai beach
The prices: reasonable

Tok's Little bar

koh samet nightlife ko samed Placed under the thatched roof small open-sided hut, Tok's Little bar is really small, despite the presence of the main bar with a few stools and when they are filled you can sit behind a nearby bamboo tables or right on the beach on the mat. This popular beach bar offers good discounts on your drinks and various theme nights. Here you will find a great selection of local beer and power cocktails that will send your head signal 'to drink until morning'.
Place: Ao Hin Khok beach
The prices: low

Ploy Thalay restaurant

koh samet nightlife ko samed Ploy Thalay pub & restaurant set at the heart of Sai Kaew beach, gathers huge crowds of tourists in the evenings. And this is due not only colorful fire show and live music - a selection of seafood here is huge. The open kitchen is infested with crabs, tiger shrims, fish, oysters and lobsters. You can even watch how to prepare your dish, whether snapper, barbeque or fried mussels in garlic sauce. All food is very tasty and served quickly. Designated meal only on the shore in the standard for the island setting - low table, lit a kerosene lamp, mat and pillow. In the bar all kinds of drinks.
Place: center of Sai Kaew beach
The prices: reasonable
Sai Kaew Beach Resort Restaurant In the evenings on the concert scene facing the beach and built specially for the special events you can see various shows with live music featuring local rock-pop-stars. There is often live music attracting crowds of tourists who can watch what is going from the beach, the resort's restaurant or yourself to participate in the show. A lively and vibrant atmosphere, complemented by a draught Beers and snacks.
Place: Sai Kaew Beach resort
The prices: reasonable

Reggae pub

koh samet nightlife ko samed Brightly lit by neon Reggae pub set outside of the main road attracts their attention green-yellow-red color scale, live music and local girls. Expect to find here a lot of dreadlocks, Bob Marley, beer and friendly atmosphere in the venues of this kind. You can take sitting place both outside and inside around the dance floor with dancing girls.
Place: the beginning of Hin Khok beach, from the external side of road
The prices: reasonable
Koh Samed Nightlife photo
Koh Samed Nightlife photo Koh Samet nightlife, restaurants, pubs, bars, stages, fiery show, beach parties, check our photo gallery...


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