Ao Wong Duen Beach, Vongduen,Wong Duean,  Koh Samet Beaches Guide
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Ao Wong Duen Beach

Koh Samet Beaches Guide

Other popular beach among Ko Samed travelers, Ao Wong Duen (Duean) or Malibu beach, can be reach directly by ferry from Ban Phe pier or by a taxi from Na Dan pier. A paradise for perfect holiday, Vongdeuan beach is located on secluded bay on Koh Samet east coast. There is a good range of restaurants and bars at Wong Duan beach, with rather cozy atmosphere in comparison with Sai Kaew beach or Ao Phai beach. The wide beach is blessed with crystal clear water and plenty of shady places, and beach sellers whom not give to you to die from famine, offering a food, snack, fruit and drinks, but a some of motorized water means, that here can be rather noisy within day.
Photo Koh Samet  Koh Samed Ko Samet island
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Bay in the shape of a crescent filled with boats, speed-boats and jet skis. On the beach covered with silver soft sand you can find the wide range of equipment for water activities including snorkeling. There is to rent a motorbike here. Sun beds have in any place of the beach. On the contrary Samed Cabana resort, for rent of these plank beds to you have to pay 200 THB, but in addition to them receive the coupon for a lunch and drinks. There are three massage pavilions and a beauty saloon: the average prices for massage from one 300-400 THB/hour. Near Malibu resort there is an Internet - 2 THB/min. There is a police station, travel agency, shops, minimarkets, ATM, and a staff of national park here. In the evening in the center of a beach the life begins to boil. Bars, restaurants offering fresh seafoods, Thai and international food. An epicentre is Baywatch bar&restaurant.

Wong Duan (Duen) beach is located on the island's east coast, roughly in the middle. This beach, shaped like a crescent, with white sandy strip and clear water allows you to relax on vacation. Sit down in a lounge chair at the hotel and enjoy your holiday! Grab yourself a lovely promenade in the fine, white sand.
Photo Koh Samet  Koh Samed Ko Samet island
At Wong Duan beach restaurants are lined up so there are plenty to choose from in the way of food when you are hungry. It offers everything from burgers to pizza, and of course thai food. Sit down for some lunch at Tom's Pizza & Bar! At the Blue Sky restaurant & bar, you sit on a terrace built on the rocks right at the water.

Despite the fact that the Wong Duan Beach does not have any real nightlife wake up the beach really up in the evenings! With all of the lights that hang down from the trees and all the outdoor cafes, which extends down to the water, it becomes a really cosy atmosphere after the sun has gone down for the day. Knock you down to take anything refreshing drink at one of the pavement cafes with pillows and cushions that you can add you in a moment.

Shopping is not the best at the Vong Duan beach, but it is a little easier shopping here if you want to combine a great beach holiday with some new purchases. How about a Koh Samet-shirt as a memory of your holiday on the island, or why not a new swimming ring to play with in the water! New swimwear can also be obtained at the Wip's Shop! Some vendors strolling around on the beach, which, among other things, sells yummy fruit or fine shawls. A variety of minimarts are also on the beach where you can buy drinks, ice cream or a postcard to send home to loved ones to show what a lovely holiday you have!

You become too restless after a while, there are water activities to occupy yourself with. Rent a canoe to paddle around to the various beaches or jump up on a banana boat and hold it for you! Here you can also rent a jetskii for 1600 Baht for half an hour, or try parasailing for around 1000 Baht.
Ao-Wong-Duen-beach-Photo Koh Samet  Koh Samed Ko Samet island
At Vong Duen beach you have the opportunity to snorkeling at the beach or book tours to discover the snorkeling at other locations around the island. Do you feel like to stay at the beach for a little easier snorkeling mask to rent for around 100 Baht, if you happened to forget your own at home! Would you rather get out a little further out, there are snorkeling trips by speedboat to book. There are also different snorkeling trips to choose from, which makes it easier for you to find a tour that everyone likes! Visit three to seven islands around or stop at Koh Samet for a tour around the island. The prices of the tours vary of course, depending on which one you take, but if you only want to go around the island, that costs around 400 Baht per person unlike the excursion to the four islands which costs 600 Baht per person. Usually snorkeling tour for 400 Baht included snorkeling equipment, fishing equipment, lunch, drink, chicken barbeque and coffee.
Wong Duen beach Hotels
Wong Duen beach Hotels The main hotels/resorts in Wong Duen beach is in 3 stars category. Along the beach you can choice 8 resorts for all tastes and a purse are located. The cheapest it " Blue Sky Bungalow " worth in northern part of a beach. Bamboo small houses can be rented for 500 bath. And the best accomodation is Vimarn Samed resort or Samed Cabana Resort offers rooms with a private terrace or balcony to sit on in the glorious weather. Maybe something gone from the room's minibar in your hand? Maybe something gone from the room's minibar in your hand? Do you feel that the water doesn't really suit you offer Vongduern Villa accommodations at the beach for a cheap price....

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Wong Duen beach Photo
Wong Duen beach PhotoSamed Cabana is situated on Ao Wong Duean, which is the second largest beach on Koh Samed. Photo gallerie is featured the pictures of the beach, hotels, restaurants and surroundings...

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