Ao Kiu Na Nok Beach, Paradee Resort, Koh Samet Beaches Guide
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Ao Kiu Na Nok Beach - Paradee Resort

Koh Samet Beaches Guide

Ao Kiu Na Nok also known as Ao Kiew Beach is nice and quiet beach in the south where you can stay far away from the pumping music and crowds. This is the second to last beach on the east coast and is home for Paradee, the only five-star resort in Koh Samet. Ao Kiu Na Nok beach is a small size and it is surrounded by tropical palm trees and other lush green trees. With its white sand that you sink through and lovely clear water, it is difficult not to enjoy this spot. When you stay at the luxurious Paradee Resort if you also have a lovely pool area to sit down for some sun and swimming. Get to Kiu Nan Nok beach is possible by taxi/songthaew or by foot over the cliffs from the great Ao Wai Beach.
Photo Koh Samet  Koh Samed Ko Samet island
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Ao Kiu Na Nok Kiew Beach can not boast of a large number of restaurants, bars and hot nightlife. The beautiful beach is surrounded wonderful scenery, magnificent sea views, where you can enjoy your holiday time. Paradee Resort has its own restaurant where you can find burgers, pizza, and of course the good thai fine dining on the menu. This restaurant is very nice and open and you go absolutely away with a satisfied stomach!

There is no shopping at the beach. Are you eager to go shopping, have a little outing to Sai Kaew Beach on the island's northeast coast, where shopping the range is large.
Photo Koh Samet  Koh Samed Ko Samet island
If you get tired of lying still in a sun lounger all day, there are a variety of activities to occupy you at the beach. Rent a jetskii to simmer around in the sea, or rent a canoe and paddle away for a little change of pace. Do you want to get an awesome memory for life, you can try parasailing, for eight minutes, it cost around 1000 Baht. If the winds allow, you can also try some windsurfing, or so the braces you stuck at a pink banana boat!

Day trips for snorkeling is possible to book at The Paradee. On this day trip, which takes around four hours, you will be taken to the best snorkel sites around the island to see the best coral reefs and the most colorful fish. There are also fishing trips for those who want to try your luck, maybe do you catch a really big fish that you can boast about to your friends for years to come!

On Kiu Na Nok beach you will find only five-star Paradee resort to choose from. Here you can treat yourself to a day at the resort's spa and enjoy a massage in one of their rooms decorated according to the four elements; fire, wind, earth and water. Beat you down in their Sunset Bar for a refreshing drink to enjoy the wonderful sunset. Or take the opportunity to get in shape during the holidays at the resort's own fitness center.
Paradee Resort Koh Samet
Paradee Resort Koh Samet Paradee means the Sixth Heaven absolute luxurious splendour in a private world complete with your own pool and romantic outdoor bath. We offer you not one, but two secluded Palm fringed beaches one dazzling white in the sun with crystal aquamarine waters the other abundant with coral. Truly a lovers paradise, Paradee Resort & Spa is the only resort in Thailand with beaches on both east and a west coasts. You can watch both the early morning sunrise and the spectacular sunset in one scenic location the experience you will never forget.

Paradee Resort and Kiu Na Nok beach Photo
Paradee Resort and Kiu Na Nok beach Photo Paradee Resort photo is featured the photos of Kiu Na Nok beach, Paradee resort, restaurant and surroundings...

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