Ao Karang Beach, Koh Samet Beaches Guide
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Ao Karang Beach

Koh Samet Beaches Guide

Ao Pakarang, also known as Ao Karang beach is located in the far south tip of Koh Samet, the further away than this, you can't get on the island. Pakarang beach (Karang) is perfect for a few days to escape from the more busier beaches on the northern part of Koh Samet. Certain times of the year, there may be strong currents in the water, so swimming is not recommended as. These times are flagged red flag and it shall be respected. The hotel is it has a swimming pool that you can cool yourself instead. The sand on the Ao Pakarang is more light brown than white, but very fine-grained and pure, it receives a high score. Here and there are blocks that give the beach a more cozy impression. There are also plenty of shade among the trees and palm trees on the beach. A paradise for holiday makers who want peace and quiet.
Photo Koh Samet  Koh Samed Ko Samet island
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There is a road all the way down to Ao Karang beach from Nadan and Hat sai kaew. The road, however, is a dirt road and very bumpy. It costs about 150 Baht to go Songthaew here. Another option is to go by longtail boat or speedboat directly from Nadan, Sai Kaew or the pier in Ban Phe on the mainland. Have you booked the hotel Nimmanoradee resort, which, incidentally, is the only accommodation in the Ao Pakarang, so they can arrange transportation for you. Keep in mind that the speedboat from the mainland can be expensive when you have to go so far south on Koh Samet, upwards of 1200 Baht per person.

Karang beach is cosy and houses several restaurants and cafés, but only an affordable and popular hotel accommodations, namely Nimmanoradee Resort

Ao Pakarang Beach is known for its seafood restaurants is outstanding! Here you can eat fresh lobster, crawfish, crab, or shrimp for a cheap price. The beach has a few beach bars easier but there is still calm, so you want action, you have come to the wrong, you want to have a cosy, relaxing environment with a lot of peace and quiet, yes then you are right!

100 metres to the south of Ao Pakarang beach is a rocky promontory where you can sit and philosophize, here you are greeted by a nice view and you are at the most southern tip of Koh Samet.
Photo Koh Samet  Koh Samed Ko Samet island
Ao Karang beach Hotels
Nimmanoradee Resort 5-star Îòåëü
on beach | great snorkelling | good hideaway| friendly staff | fresh seafood
Jep's Bungalows

Blend naturally tropical landscape Nimmanoradee Resort is set on a romantic seaside and lush hillside in private beach. Located on Ao Pakarang, this boutique resort has been designed in Thai style which is unique and eco-oriented on Samed Island. Variety of nice octagon cottages feature steep roofs and private terraces overlooking the sea around your room where you can treasure the spectacular sunrise on seaside and panorama view of the sea, yet comfortable way by


Ao Karang Beach photo
Ao Karang Beach photoNimmanoradee Resort photo gallerie is featured the photos of Ao Karang beach, resort, restaurant and surroundings...

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