Top 10 Best Koh Phangan Beach Bars - Most Popular Beach Bars in Koh Phangan
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Top 10 Best Koh Phangan Beach Bars

Most Popular Beach Bars in Koh Phangan

Top 10 Best Koh Phangan Beach Bars - Most Popular Beach Bars in Koh PhanganCold drink in your hand, toes in hot sand: These classic beach bars do it better than anyone. Anyone can stick up a shack on the sand, stock it with beers and call it a beach bar. But what makes a great beach bar? It could be the sand-in-your-toes factor, or the washing and hissing of the waves nearby, or the sunsets or the people you meet...or maybe a beach party with a good music under the moon.

But the truth is there’s no formula, no magic ingredients that will guarantee a place in a list of Top 10 Koh Phangan’s best beach bars. We’ve included spots that range from the chic and the elite with smooth lines and mesmerizing cocktails, to the haphazard, thrown-together shacks constructed from a bamboo and straw. The only thing these places have in common is that once you’ve been, you inevitably start planning to get back there someday, somehow.

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description, review The Beach Club @ Buri Rasa (The Beach Club Restaurant Bar & Grill)

The Beach Club @ Buri Rasa Koh PhanganThe Beach Club @ Buri Rasa Koh Phangan is a chic restaurant/bar made from natural elements as near to the sea and right on the sand of the tranquil Thong Nai Pan Noi with a variety of authentic Thai, BBQ and Western cusines. As one the longest established beach restaurants on Koh Phangan, its concept in combining local ingredients with modern techniques creates a dynamic Thai flavor making an exciting and memorable seaside dining experience. Essentially, The Beach Club offers a seamless day-into-night beach club experience with lunch and segueing to dinner and late-night cocktails.

hours: from 07:00 – 23:00
menu: beach club
Place: on beach at Buri Rasa Koh Phangan

description, review Free Way Bar & Bamboo Tattoo

Free Way Bar & Bamboo TattooFree Way Bar is one of favourite place on the beach in Koh Phangan. The most loveliest beach bar on the Island, Free Way has a great location on Hin Kong beach face to the west with stunning sunset over Ang Thong Marine park. Authentic place, amazing experience all over, it offers a great mix of backpacker culture is a great alternative to the frenzy fullmoon parties! The bar serves ice cold beers, spirits and tasty cocktails everyday. The restaurant's menu has well known delicious Thai dishes and western food at very reasonable prices. Designed from a bamboo and palm leaves, you can sit with your toes in sand or on cushions with low tables in Thai style are scattered across the wooden deck, perfect for kick-back and relax whilst enjoying a few drinks. Every thursday they have a live music nights & DJ, and play a really good music to make the place even more charming.

location: north end of Ao Hin Kong beach, Koh Phangan
web site:


description, review Vagga Bar and Restaurant

Vagga Bar and Restaurant, haad yao koh phangan The most prominent place at evening scenes of Haad Yao beach. Vagga Bar and restaurant set right on the beach, attracting crowds of visitors the unique scenery, magical lighting, tropical-style design and great music. You can chill inside at the tables, cushions and hammocks, and outside on mats laid out on the sand. Large selection of Thai and Western food, drinks and delicious cocktails. Close to midnight, throwing fire show.

opening hours
: 10:00 - till late
location: center of the beach of Haad Yao, Seaboard Bungalows


description, review Secret Beach Bar

Secret Beach BarAnother top place not to miss: Secret Bar is a hidden gem nestled in a tiny cove on Koh Phangan north-west coast, easily missed by the most tourist trying to find a fun beach party. With its white sand and stunning views of the sunset, it’s a perfect place to listen music, meet friends, grab a drink and a food, and hang out day or night. Must try: the strawberry daiquiris – simply amazing and, at just 120 Baht (like all the other cocktails on the menu including mojitos, margaritas and 'sex on the beach'). Mojito hours 1-2pm & 6-7pm - all at 99THB.

opening hours: 09:00 - till late
location: Secret beach (Haad Son beach), Koh Phangan
web site:

description, review Tiki Bar at The Beach Village

Tiki Bar at The Beach VillageLocated at The Beach Village resort, near expansive outdoor pool, Tiki Bar is a fantastic place to head for a warm-up before all the major parties on the island. Set right on the beach of Baan Tai with and overlooks views of Koh Samui, the poolside cocktail bar is an ideal place to wild fun, play and meet new friends. Tiki host a three-hour happy hour, from 5 - 8pm, drinking games, beer pong tournaments and DJs from all genres. Best of all? The menu of drinks includes: cocktails, mojitos, smoothies, ice cream and fresh fruit, as well really good milkshakes and decent food - very convenient and not expensive. Must try: 'Tiki Blue' (Blue Curacao, light rum, Cointreau, pineapple, lime and syrup). The beach area in front is a perfect for volleyball, beach sports or simply soaking the sun and enjoying the day.

opening hours: 07:00 - 23:00
location: The Beach Village, Baan Tai beach, Koh Phangan


description, review Infinity Beach Club & Restaurant

INFINITY Beach Club & Restaurant  Koh PhanganEnjoys an admirable location on Baan Tai beach, The Infinity has three bars and two restaurants (Zen and Big Fish) and a big infinity swimming pool surrounded by king-size sunbeds with a views of Koh Samui and Ang Thong Marine Park. Regarding food, the menu features a wide choice of Thai and international beach club classics revisited by the talented chef. The atmosphere of Infinity is gently rocked by contemporary beats diffused through high-quality speakers throughout the venue.

The Infinity Beach Club stands out as the pick of the beach clubs in Koh Phangan. Serving classic (Mojito) and signature (Infinity Strawberry Daiquiri) cocktails, spirits, liqueurs, champagnes and wines, it has the best products for quenching your thirst in style. Note that the high standards boasted by Infinity not imply pretty steep rates.

location: Infinity Beach Club, Baan Tai beach, Koh Phangan
web site:

description, review The Heaven Bar

The Heaven BarThe well-known The Heaven is a cozy and friendly bar very close to the beach that features cool music, a good list of sunset drinks/cocktails, and friendly people, especially the owner. Every evening expect Beach BBQ seafood in The Haven bar with great choice of fresh fish, squid, oysters, king prawns and crabs. BBQ's menu also has duck, marinated chicken wings and pork ribs. The Each order is 150 Bath and ask the owner about their jacket potatoes. The drinks menu also consists from local and imported beer, red and white South African wine, buckets, soft drink and shakes. Happy hour 17:00 -19:00 whith cocktails 130 Bath only. It's a good place to get local inside information & gossip.

hours: 14:00 - till late
location: at Seaflower Resort, Haad Chao Phao beach
menu: Beach BBQ/bar

description, review Malibu Beach Bar

The Heaven BarThe Malibu is a only bar and restaurant belonging to Malibu Beach Bungalows located in the western part of Chaloklum bay on Koh Phangan Island. With sugar-white sand, Malibu is one of the most beautiful beaches in Koh Phangan, and it definitely has the nicest white sand around. The bar&restaurant is a bamboo and thatch affair located right on the beach. It could not be more basic and simple but attracts many punters to this island area with its laid-back atmosphere, fair prices, and excellent drinks and delicious cuisine in a shadow and relaxing place. The Malibu Beach bar menu hosts a good range of Thai and international dishes, as well as cocktails, ice beer and other drinks.

hours: 08:00 - 23:00
location: at Malibu Beach Bungalows, Ao Chaloklum, Koh Phangan

description, review Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar Koh Phangan Chocolate is a good beach bar to hang out and make new friends with the friendly staff and fellow visitors from all over the world who just happen to be in this western part of the island.

With Thai style seating and low candlelights tables, The Chocolate is open for Plai Laem night owls until late, where its bartenders prepare tasty fruit juices, serve the coolest drinks and can advise you about the different choices on their menu. Cool music, laid back atmosphere and non-regular fire shows are adding some fun sights and sounds to the area's 'nightlife' scene.

hours: 16:00- till late
Place: at Sea Sunset resort

description, review Coral Bar

Coral Bar Part of Coral Bay bungalows, Coral Bar is a local and unique beach bar in Haad Khom beach on Koh Phangan island. Coral bar is right on the beach, the vibe is laid back and still very chilled. It open from noon till late everyday and serve the planet's best mojitos, a variety of shakes, juices, cold beer, cocktails and much more, including fruit shakes and Home Made deserts. Also at resort's restaurants you can find some of the best authentic Thai and Western food with a fabulous sea view and good music. Of course the star of Coral Bar is their six year old mixed boar - "Dukdik" who has her own facebook page! She is a cute fat friendly piggy that you can never meet anywhere else!! Free wifi.

Opening Hours: 12:00 PM – last customer, Monday to Saturday, CLOSED on Sundays
Location: Coral Bay bungalows, Haad Khom (Coral beach), Koh Phangan



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