Koh Phangan Shopping, What to Buy and Where to Shop in Koh Phangan
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Koh Phangan Shopping

What to Buy and Where to Shop in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Shopping, What to Buy and Where to Shop in Koh Phangan Less a tourist destination than Samui, shopping in Koh Phangan is much cheaper, and again to buy in Thongsala and Baan Tai more profitable than in Haad Rin. Nevertheless after hotels and moon parties, it's big business. Despite this difference, in these towns You will find souvenir shops, jewelry and specialty stores that sell accessories, hammocks, and even fireworks. Shops in Thong Sala and Haad Rin largely offer something exclusive, but in most cases some things you do not need.

Here you can try to bargain, but in reality the prices are fixed. You can occasionally get small discounts, but this is the exception, not the rule. Remember that you are in a tourist area and that the prices are usually higher than normal on the mainland, say for example in Bangkok, but lower than in European countries, and the selection of products is increasingly complex.

Popular product in Koh Phangan are the hammocks (check the "Hammock Home" in Baan Tai). The hammock is the most essential item on the island - where else will you be able to conveniently relax while enjoying the breathtaking views, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, oscillating coconut trees, and beautiful azure sea in the background? All the best views of Koh Phangan only visible from the hammock!

Also on the island you can buy T-shirts, sunglasses, jeans, shorts, DVDs, CDs, music, movies and electronic devices, silver products, as well as some of the works of local artists. Koh Phangan has a variety of Thai handicrafts, some of which come from other parts of Thailand and some regional specialities. Most of the clothing has some variety, but all of this can be found in Bangkok and to be honest, the items are more expensive here as are imported to the island.

However, many art galleries, believed to be a well selling their works and in most places will offer variety works and services, including your personal orders and art reproduction. These places have a good reputation and reasonable prices. One of these galleries, on the contrary Thongsala port offers fine silver, some with semi-precious stones.

If you stayed for a long time on Koh Phangan and in need of cheap foods and beverages - head to Makro, Big C or Tesco Lotus located in Thong Sala and Baan Tai. Here is a large selection of products, low prices, cheaper than 7-eleven, and also has a delightful affordable bakery, opening hours from 10.00 - 22.00

Some shops in Koh Phangan sell Thai silk, but before buying, make sure the authenticity of the material and the labels (although the label in our time can forge any). However, there are several ways to check whether the matter from the real mulberry silk, or it's the most obviously fake. One of them is fire. You need to take a small piece of silk, and set it on fire, silk burns like the hair, emitting a pungent smell, while synthetic silk burns slowly as if melting and then the rest continues to burn. In fact, I doubt that in this way the owner of the shop will allow you to check the quality of the product. Not every customer can afford to buy a for example a silk tunic for 2000 Bath, but before you buy such an expensive thing inspect the material at different angles of view, genuine silk is famous for its two-tone manifestation, as you move the garment up to the light. Chinese silk has no such ability.

With some time, several shops on the island began to offer Antiques. With such a rich history and an impressive heritage of art and culture, it is not surprising that Thailand is also in full swing this trade is thriving. Most of the Antiques are religious art created for the praise and glorification of the Buddha and early, Thai Antiques became world famous for the artistic expression of this important religion. Here you can also easily buy a fake. Many merchants have perfected methods of aging of objects with absorbed acid to accelerate the aging process, and create a really impressive product of pseudo antiquity.


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Thong Sala Shopping
Haad Rin Beach Shopping
Thong Sala Shopping Thong Sala is really a shopping center on the island. With Tesco Lotus supermarket, crowded during the day and especially at night time the local food market, bustling Central market and countless souvenir shops you will have...

Haad Rin Beach Shopping Haad Rin town is quite small and you only need one hour walk to explore all of its streets and alleys. The shops here are much cheaper than Samui, but packed with the same material. Nevertheless, it is still nice, especially when you lower...

Baan Tai Beach Shopping
Haad Yao Beach Shopping
Baan Tai Beach Shopping Shopping in Baan Tai beach does not open up new horizons for visitors. The main Baan Tai road is full of seafood restaurants and bars, clubs and tattoo studious, 7-eleven minimarts and massage shops, pharmacies and dental clinics...

Haad Yao Beach Restaurant Considering that this end of Koh Phangan island calm enough You will not find in Haad Yao beach a lot, I mean shops. The whole beach area has only two local mini-marts and one of them sells items by "hotel" prices...

Thong Nai Pan Beach Shopping
Thong Sala Walking Street
Thong Nai Pan Beach Shopping If You are staying in Thong Nai Pan decided to do some shopping, You have chosen the not right place. Koh Phangan is not the best place to shop in Thailand, and Thong Nai Pan Noi beach is about the bottom line shopping rating of the island...

Thong Sala Walking Street Thongsala Walking Street is easily the most popular shopping experience in Koh Phangan. A vibrant spectrum of art, crafts, music and food – with handmade quality goods and souvenirs that echo the spirit of Southern Thailand every saturday...


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