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Koh Phangan Activities

What to Do in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Activities, What to Do in Koh PhanganBeing island, Koh Phangan is inextricably related with sports and water activities. From contest of the champion on wakeboarding in Chaloklum, up to a dive trips, to walking Orion boat-cruises and sea fishing is a life on an ocean wave, when it comes to things to do in Koh Phangan.

Nevertheless, quite good leisure on the land includes outdoor adventure, elephants trekking, trips on cross-country by ATV, yoga and meditation, and even bow shooting. Thongsala and Haad Rin offer schools of Thai boxing, and on many wide beaches it is possible to engage volleyball or football

If you are going during holiday will take care of forms of your body, gymnastic centers Jungle Gym and Arena Gym in Haad Rin can help you with it, having the good equipment and instructors, and unique on island, fitness - centre with conditioners located in Baan Tai. Being such untouched place, campaigns in jungle - definitely stimulating pastime, but is desirable to employ the guide as the risk will lose the way is high enough.
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Koh Phangan Diving
Koh Phangan Snorkeling
Koh Phangan Diving Scuba diving in Koh Phangan thrives because of the area's favourable topographical features with vibrant underwater world with some excellent dive sites. Offshore local waters are warm and the visibility is low but it is better to dive out by Koh Tao island

Koh Phangan Snorkeling Snorkeling can be impressive on a few beaches and around Koh Ma island which feature rocky reefs, shallow waters and coral, and colourful tropical fish. Here are some prime snorkelling spots to head for.

Koh Phangan Spa & Thai Massage
Koh Phangan Yoga & Healing
Koh Phangan Spa & Thai Massage Koh Phangan is sprinkled with luxury hotels and resorts, most with spa centres ready with calming, rejuvenating, and revitalizing treatments. Anantara Spa at Anantara Rasananda Villa claims to be more than just a spa, offering healthy...

Koh Phangan Yoga & Healing Koh Phangan is a great place for yoga beginners, as well as those more advanced in their practise. Also there are many healing centers in Koh Phangan draw upon the ancient Indian healing philosophy known as Ayurveda, which focuses

Koh Phangan Kiteboarding
Koh Phangan Elephant Trekking
Koh Phangan Kiteboarding Kiteboarding in Koh Phangan is other popular activities after diving and snorkeling. Kitesurfing combines principles of wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding and even acrobatics into one extreme sport but it doesn’t come natural...

Koh Phangan Elephant Trekking Koh Phangan has a few elephant camps and elephant trekking is a popular activity in the island. Riding the back of an elephant and seeing the grace and dexterity of this giant pachyderm up close is an experience that is not soon forgotten.

Koh Phangan Fishing
Phangan Adventure Park
Koh Phangan Fishing Fishing in Koh Phangan is the favorite holiday activity of most people. Fishing is loved by both adults and children, and provides a special pleasure catch a big fish. From ancient times fishing is considered the best pastime activities.

Phangan Adventure Park Variety of challenging team-building exercises with zipline, archery and unforgettable elephants experience are just a few of the fun activities for all family on offer Phangan Adventure Park...




Archery Koh PhanganA thrilling adventure for all the family, the First Bow and Arrow Club opened near Chaloklum Village caters for the starters through to the advanced archers. Archery is a sport in which participants use a bow to shoot arrows at a target, which has ten concentric circles. The score of each arrow depends upon where it lands on the target. Remember that archery is not about winning or losing. The ultimate goal of an archer is to enjoy playing the game for what it is, not just for winning. Once you realize this, then, archery becomes a lot more fun.

Price: 200 Bath/20min/ about 15 games, including instructions, bow, 5 arrows and arm guard;
Location: slightly south of Chaloklum Village, near the road to Thong Sala
Tel: 081 274 0173

Boat Trip to Ang Thong, Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan

Ang Thon Marine National Park Topography With the postcard-perfect image of a tropical paradise, Ang Thong National Park is normally visited during the day trip from Koh Phangan and you can find this trips at many tour operators in Koh Phangan to discover a natural treasures of Ang Thong National Marine Park.

It takes less time to get to Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan and the waters there absolutely teem with colourful fish. Located approximately in 1 hour 15 min by ferry to the north from Phangan, this islands is widely regarded as one of the best for diving and snorkeling in the Golf of Thailand.

There are numerous boat trips around the island departing from many of the beaches. You can either take a more traditional long-tail boat or you can hire a speed boat for a luxury trip around the island. You can also hire jet skis which is a fun way to tour around the whole island for a day.

Hiking and Trekking on Koh Phangan

Hiking and Trekking on Koh Phangan Leisurely nature walks along forest trails (or many more adventurer treks for the experience hikers) are another way to discover this island's beauty. Hiking and trekking around Koh Phangan's almost unexploited interior are available all around the island and most people will embark on a short journey between beaches at the very least. The eastern coast is the best place for this adventurous activity and there is a route that links Haad Rin and Haad Wai Nam beaches which is enjoyed by many people staying in the area for the Full Moon Party.

To explore the central, mountainous part of the island head to Khao Ra mountain, hight at 627 metres is the highest point of the island. There is a viewpoint on the top overlooks Chaloklum and Thong Nai Pan. When weather is good, views of Ang Thong Marine Park and even Koh Tao in the distance can be enjoyed. To reach the highest top, we recommend you the hiking trail starting at Baan Madeuawaan. While trekking you can enjoy the beautiful nature, the sounds of birds, swaying leafs and stunning views. Hikes with a local guide is recommended – which should cost in the region of 500 baht per day.

Than Sadet - Ko Pha-Ngan National Park next to Haad Sadet beach, also has a net of trails to the island’s biggest waterfall. For the really adventurous there is a trek from Haad Khom to Bottle (Haad Khuad) beach. It takes about two hours through rocky boulder-littered jungle. If your power is enough continue to Thong Nai Pan beach - two hours more.

Kayaking in Koh Phangan

Kayaking in Koh PhanganCanoes and kayaks are available for rent at most resorts and beaches for 100-150 Bath/hour and it’s well worth exploring the beautiful coastline via your own paddle power. The waters off the northwest shores are more calm and paddle-friendly than the rough and rocky east coast. The best time to do it is late afternoon, when you can also catch the gorgeous sunset – but play it safe – stay close to shoreline and please take note of the fact that going with a current means fighting it all the way back.

Easy and interesting trips can be made around Haad Yao, Haad Salad and Koh Ma island, from Ao Chaloklum bay to Haad Khuat (Bottle) Beach and from Haad Rin to Haad Khontee. Waterproof camera bags are for sale in Thongsala and Haad Rin. Don't forget to bring water and suncream.

Explore the Island on a Motorbike

Explore the Island on a MotorbikeA great way to experience Koh Phangan Island is by renting a motorbike and spending at least half a day riding around to see the beaches, its coastline, rugged hills, waterfalls, villages, green mountains and fishing boats in the bays. Scooters are easily rented from most hotels and shops. It is hard not to stop to take photo when passing through this unique scenery.

Travelling around the island is one of most fun things you can do, but beware – many of the island's roads are not paved. Sturdy shoes and long trousers are a prerequisite.

Checkout Thong Nai Pan on the east coast, reputed to be the best beach on the island, think white sand and turquoise sea. Find a deserted spot on Thong Sadet beach to stop for a swim in waterfalls. In the northern part of the island the terrain gets more mountainous, and the roads a little more bumpy.


Sailing, Windsurfing and Catamaran

Sailing, Windsurfing and CatamaranSetting sail doesn’t require much planning on Koh Phangan. Several hotels and resort on the island can help you arrange the necessary equipment. The west coast of Koh Phangan is particularly good for sailing and windsurfing, as the strong offshore winds offer a challenge. There are few places offering sailing trips and tuition, with one operation renting Hobie style Catamarans and Lazer sailing boats, available all year at Baan Tai and Nai Wok beaches. Catamarans are also available at the high-end resorts at Thong Nai Pan beach.

Windsurfing happens to be more popular in Koh Phangan than sailing. Its steady wind and constant currents create conditions perfectly suited to a combination of speed and manoeuvres. For professionals, the winds over Ao Nai Wok beach are always a few knots stronger than elsewhere. The sport itself combines rules and aspects of both sailing and surfing but to steer a sail attached to a surfboard requires some serious skills. Baan Tai's waters are always suitable but the dry season serves you the best.

ATV Riding

ATV RidingWhile the haphazardly paved roads on Koh Phangan can be extremely dangerous for motorcyclists, they serve as an ideal playground for ATV riders. Swerving turns, bumping dirt roads, forking paths and a lush wilderness backdrop combine to make this a fun and thrilling experience. But do exercise caution as you will be sharing the road with songtaew drivers, who won’t stop or make way for any other vehicles in their path.

You can rent ATV's from L'Oasi Musical Grill next to Paradise Waterfall to explore off the beaten track. Otherwise, Phangan ATV Adventure Tour (Open: 09:00-17:00 (daily); GET ON ATV in Baan Khai in island’s southwest, tel: +66 77 377 340, mobile: +66 80 6479 5931) offer tuition in their dedicated training field before a guided tour along real off-road forest trails and dirt tracks to explore the natural beauty around Koh Phangan island. A fun choice for a bunch of friends or the whole family.

Cooking Classes in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Cooking ClassesOne of the island most popular and highly recommended activities! Koh phangan is a great place to learn how to cook real Thai cuisine via half-day or full-day courses. Plenty of restaurants offer their own cooking classes including the picturesque Pansea at Panviman Koh Phangan where you get the chance to learn directly from the professionals. Many of the classes include a visit to the local fresh produce market as part of the course where you’ll get a chance to ask questions and perhaps even sample some exotic delights. With so many places to try your hand at conjuring up some delicious flavours, you’ll also be pleased to discover that most classes are offered at very reasonable rates.

The most famous and popular Thai cookery school on Koh Phangan is 'Same Same' in Haad Rin (opposite 7-Eleven). It’s a friendly and personal setup, English speaking and accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education. You can choose between a single day class and courses lasting up to five days and even have fully professional training with the aim of becoming a fulltime chef at Same Same.
Tel: 077 375 200

With a new location in Thong Sala, 'My Wok and Me' offers quality cooking classes by fully trained English speaking chefs and a new and special designed school kitchen ensure a perfect day for all gastronomic lovers.
Tel: 077 377 864 or 08 7893 3804

Located in Srithany, C&M Cooking Classes teach how to cook some of the most popular Thai dishes that are famous around the world. The lessons here are fun, full of the positive energy and good emotions. When the meal is ready you taste your culinary creations, share it with friends, or take it home to impress your family.
Tel: 08 9487 6207

Muay Thai Boxing

Horizon Training CampLike the rest of Thailand, Thai boxing is extremely popular on the island and Muay Thai' lovers will find a plenty of opportunities to learn and see the ancient art of Muay Thai in Koh Phangan. There are three stadiums in Thong Sala, two in Haad Rin and three in Baan Tai so you’re never far from a box-duel during you stay. Look out for the flyers, posters and passing songthaews advertising a fight event through blaring speakers. The entry price is usually around 650 baht for foreigners and there are typically around six fights starting at junior level with the headline clash last of all.

Koh Phangan has a lot of training Muay Thai camps open to all ages and genders with English speaking tution and good fecilities, where students can learn the basics of the Thai national sport.

Horizon Training CampJungle Gym in Haad Rin
Open: 07:00-19:00 (Tuesday-Sunday);
Tel: +66 77 375 115;

Chorenrit Muay Thai Camp & Gym in Thong Sala (Open: 08:00-20:30 (Mon-Sat), 13:00-18:00 (Sunday); Price: bargain at 200-400 baht/per hour; Tel: +66 77 377 856, mobile: +66 81 787 4228,

Horizon Training Camp placed on the cliff to the south of Haad Thian is the most remote and tranquil Muay Thai camp on Koh Phangan and recommended only for boxing trainees.


Haad Yao beach ActivitiesGood fitness centres in Koh Phangan are limited to those at hotels catering to a predominantly tourist market. Most of the hotel centres offer day rates for non-guests and usually additionally facilities including a sauna and Jacuzzi. But if you like to exercise during your holiday, there are some independent gyms on the island. You can also go to the Jungle Gym in Haad Rin or Thong Sala where they have good fitness programs.

Located in Chaloklum village, The Press fitness centre kitted out high-quality cardio gear and weight training equipment with certified personal trainer on hand to help. An air-conditioned with scenic view of Chaloklum outside, The Press doing your work a very comfy. There are a range of exercise levels and non-members are welcome with day rates available.

The modern, well-equipped fitness center with new equipmenton and sport-bar with healthy drinks is located in the northen end of Haad Yao beach near the main road - everything has been designed for serious work. Also you can find yoga classes here. Yoga is no stranger to Koh Phangan island; in fact many find it the perfect place to practice and even learn here. The Yoga classes take place at 09:00, tue-sun.

Wake Up! Wakeboarding

Wake Up! WakeboardingWake Up! Wakeboarding Koh Phangan is the first and only professional wakeboarding addition to the water sports scene in the Gulf of Thailand. Located in Chaloklum village is surrounding the tallest mountains on the island, the team of Wake Up! Wakeboarding offers your services and have been recommended as one of the essential stops here on your stay in Koh Phangan.

Chaloklum Bay has a 3km long playground surrounded by the tallest mountains on the island, giving maximum wind protection for the flattest water which is perfect place for a challenging round for boarders of all levels.

A team of friendly native English-speaking instructors and enthusiastic professional riders run The Wake Up! Wakeboarding. Passionate, young and professional, they will give you all the support you need and plus teach you the special tricks to become a proper wake boarder.

With regularly updated top brand boards, bindings, spectra lines/handles and impact vests, you are guaranteed the best wakeboarding experience in the Gulf of Thailand. Wake Up! Wakeboarding also run a fully stocked bar in Chaloklum village, come and check them!

Location: Wake Up! bar in Chaloklum Village
Tel: 08 7283 6755

Beach Volleyball and Football in Koh Phangan

Beach Volleyball and Football in Koh PhanganHome of world-famous Full Moon Parties, Haad Rin on Koh Phangan is also home to The Full Moon Beach Soccer Cup features monthly football tournament with a great deal of people from around corner of the world participating. Kicked off about 7 years back, the sport event takes place just opposite Tommy Resort, right on the white-sand beach. Each team consists of a minimum of 6 and up to 11 players, with 5 on the pitch and the remainder in reserve. Everyone is welcome to enter the event, with a final round is always set before the Full Moon Party kicks off;

Parallel with the Full Moon Beach Soccer Cup, Beach Volleyball tournament is running on Koh Phangan during 3 sunny days. Everyone can join the Beach Volleyball Festival 2 on 2 competition - International Beach Volleyball rules - fun competition, not serious, anyone can do it! BIG prize money for the winners. Final games under flood light in the evening.

Also you can enjoy the sport games all around the island. At the end of the afternoon when the heat slowly fades away people start playing football or volleyball matches directly on the beaches. Play a fun game and meet new people while enjoying the sunset.


Paintball in Koh Phangan is a new kind of activity for both family and groups of friends as well as the wandering individuals. Located just outside Thong Sala town, Paintball Warfare with total game area of 3200 m2 offers a long day battles in the jungles that are suitable as for experts as starters. The premium paintball battlefield offers a choice of 6 games to play (capture the flag, defend your base, free for all, rabbit hunt, find find the flag, defend your man) and up to 12 gamers can play at a time and you can play the whole day for only 300 baht per person; There is Big Mango restaurant next to Paintball Warfare serves good Western and Thai cuisine at friendly prices.

Tel: 08 1804 6059 or 077 377300
Location: South West of Thongsala town
price: 300 Bath/per

Just For Fun Canopy Adventure

Just for Fun Canopy Adventure A thrilling cocktail of fun, adrenalin and adventures, Just For Fun is a new way to experience Koh Phangan's jungle by sliding along zip lines and walking across sky bridges up to 22m in the trees. Also known as flying fox, foe-fie slide and even zips wire, the zip line are set in the heart of dense tropical jungles with great backdrops. The fun ride is easy, the function and movement all depends on how much the incline is from one tree to an other. While riding through the canopy you'll enjoy the spectacular views of mountains, dense tropical jungle and the sea. You can make a round trip on 8 of the cable walkways.

The professional French staff always will help you overcome your fear of heights and ensure your safety at all times. Just For Fun only use the best quality equipment and the adventures park is constantly renovated. Experience an adventure in the tropical jungles of Koh Phangan a great time for all the family. After 45 minute of your adventures, you will be awarded a cool drink at their sea view bar or in the brand new Fish Spa.

Opening Hours: daily 10:00-18:00
Location: north of Baan Tai area on the way to Thong Nai Pan beach (1km from Half Moon festival's spot)
Tel: 08 7908 8610
Price: 800 Bath/adult, 600 Bath/children

Phangan Shooting Range

Phangan Shooting RangeWithout doubt the deafening activity, Phangan Shooting Range is the only and the first shooting range on the island. Here, there’s a good choice of handguns or rifles of different calibers: .22, .38, .45, 9mm, and shotguns. Set prices include a target, bullets, gun, instructor and insurance. According to the calibre of the bullet, expect to pay between 800 and 1,000 baht for 10 shots. The instructors are extremely professional and stringent rules are in place to assure perfect safety for visitors and shooters alike. For instance, any alcohol and/or inebriated people are strictly forbidden to enter the shooting range.

Opening Hours: daily 10:00 - 24:00
Location: the western entrance to Haad Rin nearby 7-Eleven
Tel: 080328 5555
Price: start up from 800 baht for 10 shots

Phangan WipeOut

Phangan WipeOutLocated on Laem Son lake in Srithanu, Phangan Wipeout is the legendary water course. Consisting from 7 giant inflatable obstacles to take-on, including monkey bars, rolling barrels, a giant climbing wall, slide, a Blob, rope swing and of course the famous Big Red Balls, Phangan Wipeout is the place to go if you want to try and tackle a near enough impossible aquatic course to acquire the quickest time and win a shed load of cash.

If the water is not your thing fill up in Lake Hut Restaurant & Bar and try out the hearty Thai and Western menu while observing as participants trying your luck at Phangan Wipeout leader board. Happy hour daily between 16:00-18:00.

Opening Hours: dayly 10:00 - 18:00
Location: Ao Sri Thanu beach, Laem Son Lake
price: 500 Bath/per
Tel: 08 9730 0081

Moutain Biking

ATV Ridingactivity in Koh Phangan regardless of your level of fitness. Leave the sea behind to explore the interior of the island, temples and srines, remote villages, historic memorials and stunning beaches. Excursions will give you the chance to really get up close and personal with some of the more rural villagers and to see how they live from the land. Mountain bikes can be hired in most places on the islands by the day (24hrs), week or longer term, just ask around; Renting price is between 100-150 Bath per day and the quality varies, but there are some reasonable machines out there.

Apart from Baan Khai beach to Thong Sala town, the island is predominantly hilly, with a perfect terrain for an off-roading cycling experience, thus be prepared for a work out if you cycle elsewhere. There are no organised cycle routes on the island, but there are plenty of natural trails to discover, especially the Thong Nai Pan and Thaan Sadet areas. Don't forget take plenty of water, head wear (helmet advised) and sun-cream.


Mini-Golf in koh phanganKoh Phangan Mini Golf is a good addition to fun and sport activities on the island. Also known as mini golf or 'putt-putt' golf, minigolf is near to the island's oldest temple, Wat Phu Khao Noi, not far from Phangan Hospital. Created for players of all age, young and old, beginners or more players – an ideal for families with kids, coples and friends who find together for some hours of fun. Skilled golfers, also can test their skills on this minicourse



Water World Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Water World, Koh Phangan ActivitiesA fantastic way to best fun aquatic day out on the island and a great place for all ages, Water World Koh Phangan in Haad Rin is an new beachside theme park. Located near Full Moon Party beach, Water World Koh Phangan features an awesome floating waterpark covering 1600sqm with 2 huge waterslides, zorb balls, kids play area, bungee catapult, paddle boarding, podium dual combat and much more, all catering to the whole family or group of friends...


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