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Koh Phangan Motorbike Rent & Hire & Tips

Scooter Rental: Koh Phangan Information

Koh Phangan Motorbike Rent & Hire & TipsTo rent a motorbike in Koh Phangan very easy, and you can hire motorbikes, scootres or big motorcycle on any beach of the island. You can find this rental-shops near hotels, resorts, restaurants, travel agencies, bars and markets with scooters lined up outside.

If you never ride a motorbike and want to try your forces on Koh Phangan's roads - here are a few tips and helpful information, that will help you get the most out of your experience and most of all stay safe and in one piece.
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Rules of traffic in Thailand (shortly)

In Thailand left-hand traffic is accepted. To drive a bike under Thai laws, person of reached 18 years old should have the driver's license of a category "A". In the country of one million smiles, for a bike you need to receive separate license, this rule concerns also the automobile. Rules, signs and a road marking a little than differ from Europe and America. For parkings no have problems. For information: If the border is painted in red - white strips - the parking here is forbidden. It red - yellow strips on a border mean it is possible to stop for short time. If no have strips, you can park for long time. At overtakings, turns - always use light signals. Drunk driving in the West is illegal - in Ko Pha Ngan it's suicidal. Better to sit in the back of a taxi than hitting one head on at night, or end up in hospital.

Roads on Koh Phangan

Roads on Koh PhanganI shall start with most important thing - roads at Koh Phangan - not that place where you can study to drive a bike! The situation on roads is complicated that the most part of the traffic will consist of the same beginning riders, as well as you, the majority from which are drunk, especially in days of Full Moon parties. Koh Phangan is the beautiful island, rich with natural sights, snow-white beaches, tasty food and nightlife, including world famous Full Moon. But in comparison with Samui or Phuket - Koh Pangan's roads leave much more better. Nevertheless last years have seen construction of new roads and reconstruction already available ones.

The most dangerous sites, for ride a motorbike, are located in northwest, northern and southeast parts of Koh Phangan (road to Getting to Haad Than Sadet BeachHaad Rin beach). The road leading to Had Rin from Thong Sala is even more dangerous because the route is very busywith traffic, and sometimes it really takes on your nerve to have your motorbike stalled on a verticle angle during the traffic jam! Here you will find abrupt descents and rises, including dangerous turns and the limited visibility. The covering too leaves much to be better. Especially the "Hill of Tears" (first steep ascend from Thong Sala towards Haad Rin) needs caution - use low gear only and rather have your passenger walk, than bruised up. Also the heavy part of the road is on a way to Thon Nai Pan beach and to a Thong Sadet beach. Unfamiliar roads have a lot of dangers, including deep sand or small-sized gravel, ride too faster or sharply to brake - extremely not recommended.

Do not drive too fast! Try to start and brake slowly, keep distance. Do not ride behind machines which cover for you visibility. During riding try to keep the left side, especially on mountain roads. For initial braking always use a forward brake. Never brake your foots - it is possible to beat out elementary to itself knees.

Drive slow and use your back brake on wet surfaces, Most accidents are caused by people braking with their front hand brake causing the bike to flip out and slide across the gravel. If collision is inevitable - to fall better, than to break your neck. As driving on Koh Phangan’s hilly, bumpy, and slippery roads is the cause of numerous injuries and deaths, it is strongly advised that full protective gear, including helmets, long pants, and closed toed shoes are worn at all times. Avoid riding at sundown, when the bugs are out en masse, and result in brief periods of riding blind, while you desperately try to clear your corneas.

What you need for hire

To rent a bike you neen the passport and money. The passport is left as a pledge. Sometimes instead of the passport is possible to leave a x-copy your passport and as a deposit in some thousand Thai bath. This variant is more preferable, in cases when you have broken bike and the money may be held ransom if any scratches or dents are found that were not noted prior to rental. In both cases for rent a bike any driver's licenses is not required.

What kind of motorbike to rental

What to rental Here are three types of scooters available for hire at most motorcycle rental shops in Koh Phangan; the automatic (with no gears) and semi-automatic (with 4 gears but no clutch.) If you are an advanced rider you can also choose for an off-road motorbike also known as a ‘crosser' (5 gears and clutch.) The automatic is the easiest bike to ride for beginners, yet with a little effort most people can master the semi-automatic in less than a day which offers the rider much more control especially riding mountainous, windy roads.

Usually you can find motorbikes with an automatic gear in mostly island's shops, but here is main trap for tourists who never drive a motorcycle. " The automatic gear ", more simple for starters, basically is intended for ride around city or on flat adn open area, but Koh Phangan's roads not for it. Even if you are first time - take a bike with 'semi-automatic gear'. To ride a 'semiautomatic device' not difficultly - simply stupidly switch gears, without using of clutch. Motorbike rental business on Koh Phangan is constructed in such a manner that tourists more often drop, broke motorbikes and made a profit for their owners, and also who is engaged in that repair. Cunning consists in the brakes intended on all vehicles for short-term use. On the 'automatic gear' in your hands - only two brakes, and 'semi-automatic' - three. The third brake is an engine. On abrupt descents use the lowered gear, which will help you to low down forward speed, and use slightly forward brakes. This technics will help you even on the most abrupt roads, where on the 'automatic', your brakes can give up, especially if you travelling together. The second moment is diameter of a wheel - than it more, and the width of a tire cover, the more easy to ride.

To find "semi-automatic" in Koh Phangan is possible only in Thong Sala or Bantai beach, but there are individual copies on other beaches of island. During first time try to start use second gear. Do not forget about left hand traffic. After any junction crossroads - constantly speak itself: " to the left, to the left..."

If you travel independently - good idea - to hire a bike in Thong Sala. You leave ferry, at once rent a bike in Thong Sala and go to your hotel, or to find if not booking before. When leaving Koh Phangan - you come by bike to Thong Sala, get back to shop and departure. Disappears necessity to use a taxi. The price for rent a bike on Koh Phangan begins from 120 THB/day for a 'semi-automatic' and from 150 THB/day for 'automatic', off-road motorbike – 600 - 1000 baht/day, depending on a hire term, a season and model. The bargain is always possible.

How correctly to rent a bike - What to expect

What to rentalBefore you set off, make sure you give a thorough check of the motorbike. Closely check the rent contract submitted in English according to which, you undertake to observe a number of requirements, also is included point forbidding you to change the spare parts damaged during a rent. If you have got in failure - remember: ANY BIKE INSURANCES does not exist - is a bluff. Have broken or have scratched – necessary to pay. You rent a bike at own risk. Do not forget about it.

Some rental shops overcharge for every scratch or dent. They don't fix, but rather replace the whole part - so note damages to the bike on the rental contract. Together with the dealer closely examine bike and in the contract make marks about all scratchs and outer malfunctions, or to make photo all of them - even better. After you can make "test-drive". Carefully check the brakes and lighting devices, behaviour of wheels (whether there is no 'eight') and work of the engine. If you had claims - change bike. In the contract check up time of rent and specify at the dealer at what o'clock it is necessary to get back a bike to not get on penalties for delay. Check up gasoline and if a tank full - take an interest, with what amount of fuel you should get back a bike. Receive a free-of-charge helmet and if you want no have problems with police - always ride in a helmet.

That paper that you just signed says that you hired the bike in pristine condition. If there was a scratch or a dent in the vehicle before you set off, you will end up paying for it upon your return, despite it not being your fault. Beware, some motorbike companies are sticklers for this and your passport may be held against you until you pay the exorbitant repair cost. This practice is, justified or not, very common all over the region. So make sure you don't get bitten! One time again - make marks about all scratchs and outer malfunctions, or photograph them.

How to fill a motorbike - How many gasoline?

How to fill a motorbike - How many gasoline? The petrol tank is under a seat. Usually all bikes uses is 91-st or 95-th gasoline. The capacity of a tank of 3 litres, enough to drive - 120 - 150 km. The price of gasoline on Koh Phangan about 50 THB/litre.
The most economic drive for "automatic" - 40km/h. The cheapest gasoline on Koh Phangan in Thong Sala. Also, everywhere on island, local residents offer gasoline in bottles, but already higher price.

The gasoline indicator, is designed in such a manner, when the arrow shows on a zero is does not mean gasoline is finished. Therefore do not panic, appearing night time in the middle Koh Pangan, far from the nearest autorefuelling. If you are overcome nevertheless with doubts, open a petrol tank and rock bike 'here - there' listening to splash in a tank. This way you can to define approximately amount of the stayed gasoline (in day time make visually).

What to beware on Koh Phangan's roads - Hazards!

To be beware first of all same as you, beginning riders. Also beware of taxi driver coming back from Haad Rin beach at Fuull Moon Party days.
Other obstacles are dogs, to overrun - is not recommended. Use a sound signal - animals are familiar with it. One more danger - sand on roads or fallen palm leaves - very unpleasant thing. Also it is necessary to be afraid some the latent deep sand on paved roads. Try to get home without a 'Phangan tattoo' - this can either result from your tender-skinned body sliding along a bitumen road at high speed with few clothes on

If you not the skilled biker, it always good idea - to protect yourselves from deep wounds and bruises - to put on clothes with long sleeves and the closed footwear!


Police on Koh Phangan

If you no have driver's license of a category "A" and you want to hire a bike on Koh Phangan - is probably. In this case a safety helmet help you. Drive by bike in a helmet and the police never will stop you. This rule also concerns your passenger.

Last years, the police of Koh Phangan (and all Thailand) regularly make spot-checks on detention of infringers for driving without a helmet. The penalty - up to 400 TBath, depending on your age. The is more senior - the pay less.

If you drive under a drunk or intoxication, once again - DO NOT DRIVE TOO FAST, don't forget a helmet and remember, you are in the another's country and all responsibility in case of that, will lie on you.

The motorcycle crashed (the incident) - What to do?

Motorbike broken down - What to do?If all of you have got into a unpleasant situation, and broke a renting motorbike - don't panic, this is Koh Phangan, there are many shops trading parts, friendly mechanics and workshops on repair scooters who will help you get back on track in no time!. The main thing, that you need to make - not come to workshop on broken bike, as is possible, that the owner of a shop will call the dealer (all of them each other know) and informs him about a problem. And in your contract there is the item - forbidding to you to make any bike repair. In result you pay for repair + to the bike owner for breach of contract. For the decision this problem there are two ways:

The first way - If damages are insignificant - visit in shop by a taxi or by your's friend bike, and buy all necessary parts (don't forget write down model of a bike), to change independently which rather easily, it is required to you, at least a screw-driver. Here there is one nuance - bike you are rent, should't have other damages marked by you in the contract. To you remain only with the help of a dirty or a dust to give to new repair parts more shabby face. And when get back a motorbike - hide under clothes your "Phangan|Farang tattoo", as they call it.

The second way: More painful - fairly to admit a dealer and to pay losses which can begin from extortion of the sum in some times exceeding a repairs bill. For the information: the average price of plastic bike's parts 300-900 THB. And if you have damaged 2-3 parts, from you can originally request 12-15000 THB!!! (cost new motorbike 40-45000). There's nothing to be done is too business. Keep cool and safely bargain, don't forget to smile. If you are lucky - the price can drop down to 5-7000 THB. Absolutely recent story: the group from 7 person rented a motorbikes in Long Beach (bike-shop near Gym-Fitness). All - starters, without falling has not costed. In result - everyone, over the sum of rent has paid on 6-8 thousand, for trifling damages. Do not rent a motorbike from this shop in Haad Yao (Long beach - really scammers).

Sometimes, the owners try to hang up for you the damage caused before your rental. Refuse to pay and prove in every way - frequently it helps, in opposite case if you see it is real "Robbery" - call to police - is always makes sober extortioners. When leaving motorbike rental shop - do not forget the passport and check yours face. Cases have been marked when the person took away the another's passport, not checked your photo.


Аренда Мотобайка на Ко Панган (Пханган)Before to rent a bike on Koh Phangan if you never drive a motorcycle - think ten times. In time spent on the island - you equally do not receive high-grade experience of driving and do not learn all subtleties of driving by motorcycle. Instead of it you can lose a lot of money, your health and completely spoil to yourselves holiday (and for your passenger). Therefore, once again - DO NOT DRIVE TOO FAST! Whish a Good road for you and pleasant vacation!

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