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Koh Lanta Activities

What to Do in Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta Activities - What to Do in Koh LantaKoh Lanta offers an alternative rate of activities in contrast to popular tourist destination like Phuket or Koh Samui. The roads is quiet and free allowing extremely easy to move around the island and this means that most of travellers prefer to rent a motorbike to explore Koh Lanta.

Koh Lanta - tropical Thailand at its finest face offers miles of sandy beaches without a soul in sight lush tropical forests teeming with life and authentic island sea gypsy village where the friendly natives gladly share a simple way of life.
Krabi Airport Transfer Services,Transfers from Krabi Airport to Koh Lanta & Ao Nang, cheap taxi to koh lanta

Koh Lanta Diving and Snorkeling

Koh Lanta Diving and Snorkeling An infinite number of words were said about the fantastic diving and snorkelling in the waters of the Andaman sea. However, repeated - that the underwater world of this region of the globe is one of the most exciting you've ever seen.

The kaleidoscope of coral and hordes of reef fish mixed with numerous invertebrates while manta rays and whale sharks patrol the deep waters searching for plankton and dreaming about the unknowable.

3 popular tour in Koh Lanta:
- Tour 4 Islands on speed-boat (daily);
- Tour to Koh Rok island by speedboat (daily);
- Tour to Koh Phi Phi by speedboat (every Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)


Around Koh Lanta by Motorbike

Around Koh Lanta by Motorbike Koh Lanta is very simple for independent driving because the length of the island is just 25 km and so most travelers rent a motorbike (don't forget to wear a helmet) or a car to explore the island. Koh lanta's main road is very simple except for the southern part from Kantiang bay where start serpentine, and also everywhere there are signs. Avoid all puddles because they often hide the huge potholes. Well, if you neither have the ability to hire full-day passenger pick-up or join a sightseeing tour. For independent trips I recommend to seet:

1. Koh Lanta Old town and the East coast of Koh Lanta, where life is more traditionally Thai. After the old town you can head to the village of sea gypsies and marine pier to get a small number of fantastic photo and a good food.

2. Take a trip by cargo ferry to Koh Lanta Noi where the roads have a higher standard, and in fact there is no tourism, but the locals are always happy to welcome visitors.

3. Further, if you have time you can go to the mainland to Khlong Tom hot springs and Emerald lagoon (there and back 120 km).

4. Kan Tiang beach - a beautiful beach near small cute village. Here can be a good and inexpensive food.

5. View point near Khao Yai and View Point restaurants - exciting views of east coast and the islands south of Koh Lanta.

Thai Cooking Classes

You can visit the cooking schools which are in fact on every beach of Koh Lanta and the good news is that the teaching standards are very high including courses held at restaurants.

Most classes begins day and offers the chance to cook and then eat a few dishes, washed down with food attractive cocktail. Test teaching methods in school Lime Klong in Dao beach (+66 (0) 75 684 590) or Spices & Herbs in Kan Tiang beach (+66 (0) 75 665 058).

Elephant Trekking in Koh Lanta

Elephant Trekking in Koh Lanta Koh Lanta covered by lush green forests filled with tropical birds, exotic plants and stunning views. One of the best ways to enjoy pictures of paradise island - a journey on the back of one of the most impressive animals on the planet. In actuality, even just sitting with these huge, gentle creatures is fantastic. Perched high upon an elephants back, swaying to the rhythm of its powerful, moving hips, you can drink in the tranquil atmosphere and songs of the forest.

Elephant trekking is available on Ko Lanta, and can be arranged through your resort, or at the following places: just off the main road at Long Beach (opposite Red Snapper restaurant), turn left and follow the road for about 10 minutes; and near Mai Kaew Cave at Klong Nin.You know that part of this tour offers sometimes Show Elephants, and if you are not interested, you can always strike out this part of his program.

This is a fun and enjoyable activity for the entire family, including small children. With many trips to select from, you can participate in a one hour fun trip or explore deep into the jungle.

Muay Thai camp - Lanta Gym

остров Ко Ланта, Краби, Южный Таиланд,Krabi, Thailand, лучший отель в Ко Ланта, отели Ко Ланта, отдых на Ланте, фото ко ланта, туры в Ко Ланту, дешевые авиабилеты в Краби,  острова Ко Ланты, ресторан, ланта фото-отчёт, еда, ночной клуб, пляж, номер в отеле на Ко Ланте, медовый месяц, на ЛантеLanta Gym - professional and exciting place where you can learn Muay Thai. The school has experienced trainers, some ща them was the champion of Thailand. The skills and methods of teaching are given in the individual available for you style. Beginners and youth are always welcome. Come and try this fun Thai experience.

Every Sunday, at Williams stadium, the school provides real fights between students.
Address: 245 M. 2 T. Saladan, A. Koh Lanta Krabi 81150
Phone: +66 (0) 89 739 7399

Thai Massage

Thai MassageThai massage services in Koh Lanta are available on every corner. From beach massage to high-quality Spa resorts Koh Lanta has a diverse range of standards of massage. Massage on the beach is usually 300 Bath per hour. In low season, on some beaches the price may drop to 50 Bath!!! Spa Resorts in hotels tend to offer massage more close to western methods with equivalent prices, so it is best to go to the beach.

Dreamy Spa in Long beach (Phone: +66 (0) 75 684 729) inexpensive and high-quality spa; Manee Lanta in Klong Dao beach(+66 (0) 81 597 5996) has a staff of excellent Thai masseuses, but can be a little rough!

Yoga at Koh Lanta

Yoga at Koh Lanta If Koh Lanta is not so hot and sweaty enough for you, the island has several good schools of Hatha Yoga. Mona at Relax Bay Resort (Phone: +66 (0) 75 684 194), conducts regular classes during the week, and look in The Sanctuary, beach Phrae Ae baech, and in Sri Lanta in Klong Nin (Phone: +66 (0) 75 662 688).

Koh Lanta Fishing

остров Ко Ланта, Краби, Южный Таиланд,Krabi, Thailand, лучший отель в Ко Ланта, отели Ко Ланта, отдых на Ланте, фото ко ланта, туры в Ко Ланту, дешевые авиабилеты в Краби,  острова Ко Ланты, ресторан, ланта фото-отчёт, еда, ночной клуб, пляж, номер в отеле на Ко Ланте, медовый месяц, на ЛантеFishing is another popular activity in the Andaman Sea. To maximize your experience, there are experienced fishing tours on the island, which take you to the best fishing sites, including Ko Ha and Ko Ngai islands. With proper guidance, you will be surrounded by mackerel, barracuda, swordfish, and marlin. Most fishing tours are fully equipped, though you are welcome to bring your own fishing gear.

At the southern end of the island near Baan Klong Hin village is a Coconut restaurant-bar. The owner is simultaneously experienced local fisherman with whom you can go fishing or snorkeling around Koh Lanta.

Canoeing & Kayaking

Along the thirty-kilometer east coastline of Ko Lanta rich mangrove forests grow richly, creating interesting effects in the landscape. Take a kayak or canoe and explore tiny islands with limestone cliffs over one hundred meters high; discover large and small caves to paddle about in.

In the area known as Talabeng, nature has provided an excellent route by water through the rainforests. Various smaller mammals such as monkeys and squirrels can be seen, as well as a diverse collection of birds, and certain species of fish only found in this particular mangrove.

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