Phi Phi Beaches & Islands Guide,  Where to Stay on Koh Phi Phi
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Phi Phi Beaches & Islands Guide

Tonsai Village, Loh Dalum Beach, Loh Ba Kao, Long beach, Laem Tong Beach, Maya Bay

Phi Phi Beaches & Islands Guide, Where to Stay on Koh Phi Phi

The Main Koh Phi Phi Beaches

Phi Phi Beaches & Islands Guide, Where to Stay on Koh Phi Phi laem-tong-beach travel guide loh-dalum-beach travel guide ton-sai-village travel guide long-beach-koh-phi-phi-don travel guide loh ba kao beach travel guide phak nam beach travel guide
Phi Phi consists of six small islands located to the south-east of Phuket with beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by soaring to the sky limestone cliffs forming the breathtaking scenery.
Add to this cocktail crystal clear emerald water, the complete absence of roads, plus a relaxed lifestyle and you will understand why Phi Phi island is considered one of the most popular destination in southern Thailand.
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Tonsai village
Tonsai West Beach
Tonsai village Tonsai Village is bustling heart of Phi Phi island, there are no roads and cars, only footpaths. The village is situated on the famous isthmus Phi Phi Don offering swimming in Tonsai beach on the south...

Tonsai West Beach Tonsai west unlike the East beach and the village more peaceful and quiet. If You pass the pier and go further past the hospital to the hills you will feel that all things in this part of the island become more relaxed...

Tonsai East Beach
Loh Dalum Beach
Tonsai East Beach Tonsai East can be considered an area of beach that begins after the superbly named Chukit Resort, on the road leading to Long beach. This area is not as busy as the Tonsai village, but still you can do...

Loh Dalum Beach At the sight of Loh Dalum Bay is breathtaking so here is wonderful! Almost full protected from all sides, not deep, and with very warm water - almost like a bath. Silky white sand..

Loh Ba Kao Beach
Laem Tong Beach
Loh Ba Kao Beach Imagine coconut beach in Paradise surrounded by mountains and lush green hills on one side and the emerald waters of the Andaman sea on the other. This is Loh Bagao bay and Loh Lannah - one of the mysteries of Phi Phi Don island...

Laem Tong Beach Laem Tong Beach is a delightful place at the northern end of Koh Phi Phi where you can indulge in a quiet and relaxing vacation. The only transport from this location to other beaches on Phi Phi by boat...

Long beach
Phak Nam beach
Long beachFacing south-west to Phi Phi Leh island is the popular Long Beach. In fact, this beach is covered with the softest and most beautiful white sand, offering excellent snorkeling around the vast coral reef...

Phak Nam beachWide and beautiful Phak Nam beach is one of the idyllic places on Phi Phi. Cute bungalows of Phi Phi Relax Beach resort will be for you a perfect sanctuary on the island and can be reached...

Loh Lanah Beach
Loh Mo Dee Beach
Loh Lanah BeachQuiet Loh Lanah bay is located in the North-Western part of Koh Phi Phi Don between Laem Tong beach and Nui bay. Here is so quiet that inevitably begin to feel its presence on uninhabited island...

Loh Mo Dee Beach Beautiful Loh Mo Dee bay you will find a few minutes walk from Long beach. All Bay area is on private property and for being on the beach are asked to pay a fee...

Phi Phi Leh Island
Maya Bay
Phi Phi Leh Island The smaller Phi Phi Leh island which lies a mile to the south of Phi Phi Don and erected by the will of the nature from the high limestone cliffs rising from the turquoise waters and freaked...

Maya BayMaya Bay has become a major tourist attraction after the release of the movie "the Beach" in 1999. Up to this time it was no less famous, but now millions of people from around the world flocked to Phi Phi islands...

Nui Bay Koh Phi Phi
Nui Bay Koh Phi PhiNui Bay is located on Phi Phi Don is cut off from the island's main area by high cliffs and a passage from Lanah bay. Nui Bay famous beach surrounded by a high wall, caves, coral reef and Camel Rock. As a place to spend the day in a tropical Paradise...



Runtee Beach

Runtee Beach Wonderful Rantee beach is located on the eastern coast of the island offering long white strip of soft sand framed by tropical greenery. Here you will find some pretty resorts aimed at budget travelers.

To reach the beach you can by foot or by boat. The overland route starts from Tonsai viewpoint next turn to the left and past the village using sighns for 20-30 minutes to get the beach. The last part of the way is a steep descent to the beach along a forest trail travel which is better during no-rainy season.

Phi Leh lagoon

Phi Leh lagoonPi Leh Bay is located at the opposite side of Maya bay on Phi Phi Leh island. This is a long and narrow bay surrounded on all sides by high cliffs. At the entrance to the bay under water there is a coral reef through which is possible only during high tide and only a light boat. High tide is the best time to go inside this lagoon and preferably before or after lunch, because at noon most of the bay area is in the shade of a 100 meters high cliffs.

Visit Pi Leh lagoon are usually included in Maya bay tour here and make a short stop (20-25 minutes) to enjoy the surrounding views and swim in the emerald waters with colorful tropical fish.

Monkey bay

Monkey bayTo the Monkey bay located on the west side of Tonsai Bay, about 700 meters, can easily be reached by foot.
During high tide the beach is almost drowned but at other times there are wonderful sandy beach. People come here mainly to feed the monkeys bananas and take a photos. Again - do not come too close to the primates - who the hell knows what they have in mind!
50 metres from the shore is a colorful coral reef is a great place for snorkeling.


Monkey beach, aka Yung Gassem or Ao Ling

Monkey beach, aka Yung Gassem or Ao Ling Located just west of Loh Dalum Bay is deserted and quiet beach with good corals under water. Here are organized day tours to gawk at the many monkeys living in the vicinity of the bay, but be careful - they are quite arrogant.

To this beautiful place can be easily get by boat from Loh Dalum beach.

Bamboo island (Koh Mai Phai)

Bamboo island (Koh Mai Phai) Stunning beauty of small Bamboo Island just 500 meters in diameter is 5 kilometers north of Koh Phi Phi Don, offering its guests around the perimeter of the picturesque beaches and coral reefs.

Excellent place for snorkeling as the extensive reefs and around not deep, but the beaches there are amazing!!!

Mosquito island (Koh Yung)

Mosquito island (Koh Yung) Mosquito Island is the most remote from Phi Phi. In fact, this limestone cliff about 700 meters long which has 2 small beach and who during the evening twilight filled with clouds of mosquitoes, hence the name. From the shore of the island views of Bamboo island and Laem Tong beach are open, in the northern part of Phi Phi where a fine collection of luxury resorts.

In the south-eastern part of Mosquito Island near the shore there are a lot excursion boats with fans of snorkeling, but nevertheless - this place is still one of the quietest on Phi Phi. Below the waterline you will find the gardens of soft corals, formed due to the strong currents, which cover the whole island coming out of the Andaman sea and Phang Nga bay.

Diving around Mosquito island is limited to the north-eastern end, where there are 3 pinnacles go into the depth of 15 meters. Here perfect dive site for starters, and in the northern bay regularly appear black fin sharks.

Nui bay

Nui bay Nui Bay is located on Phi Phi Don is cut off from the island's main area by high cliffs and a passage from Lanah bay. Nui Bay famous beach surrounded by a high wall, caves, coral reef and Camel Rock. As a place to spend the day in a tropical Paradise, there is nothing more pleasant. It can be reached by kayak from Loh Dalum beach for 20-25 minutes.



Wang Long bay and The Cave

Wang Long bay and The Cave Wang Long bay - hidden secret of Phi Phi Don island is rarely visited by tourists and fans of snorkeling, as lying beyond the tourist path and too small for accommodate large boats. Amazingly magnificent Wang Long bay - deep notch in the cliffs with a height of 100 meters on the west side of Phi Phi Don.

The entrance to the bay is so narrow and shaded from the sea that you can just skip it if you will go by boat along the coast. Sign in Wang Long bay - winding the thin channel resting at the very end of the beach and the Wang long cave.

Beachhead Wang Long bay - a thin sliver of sand supported by very high cliffs. Behind the beach is a cave, which is the starting point for farmers-climbers, collecting bird's nests for the сhinese restaurants of which then cook famous soup. These caves are an integral part of the soup industry and local workers Wang Long bay and The Cavewarn any enterprising soul not to try to explore them. They are dangerous and does not have insurance mechanisms. If you are so curious - from Wang Long bay is a hard way to Tonsai bay via Monkey beach. Obvious step trail alternates several questionable climbs further into the island. Again, there is no safe and safety procedures currently in place for reckless daredevils.

Spend a few hours in a quiet day at Wang Long bay - this will be one of the best moments of your life. Bay unique, deceptive and perfect. Here there are no tours, but if you decide to come by kayak - choose the time of high water, as at low tide and at high ripples the entrance to Wang Long bay can be very dangerous!

Other Krabi islands

Остров Пхи Пхи, Koh Phi Phi Island, Краби, Южный Таиланд, Тайланд, Krabi, Thailand, лучший отель на Пхи Пхи, отели Пхи Пхи, отдых на Пхи Пхи, фото Пхи Пхи, туры на Пхи Пхи, дешевые авиабилеты в Краби,  острова Краби, ресторан, пхи пхи фото-отчёт, еда, ночной клуб, пляж, номер в отеле Пхи Пхи, медовый месяц на Пхи Пхи According to available information - along Krabi's coastline there are about 200 Islands, some look like small rocky outcrop, which literally sticking out of the sea and not come to them any access. Others are larger and mostly uninhabited, with the characteristic tiny white beaches, coral reefs, and a complex system of caves.


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