Salak Khok Bay Overview, Koh Chang Beaches Guide
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Salak Khok Bay Overview

Koh Chang Beaches Guide

Salak Khok Bay Overview, Koh Chang Beaches Guide Salak Khok bay is located on Koh Chang south-east coast. Small, cozy bay where in the midst of mangrove trees you will find a few hotels with a homely atmosphere. Salak Khok approximately 1 mile wide and 2 miles long connected with sea only by a narrow passage. Along the shore the place is very flat and fully covered by mangrove trees. Salak Khok area is one of the better-just-preserved mangrove forests in Thailand.

Quiet Ban Salak Khok fishing village located in bay's southern corner and basically sets on stilts. The house connected with wooden walkways. At the far end of the bay is low viewpoint from which you can see the picturesque views surrounded by high hills.
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Salak Khok bay Hotels

Salak Khok Bay Overview, Koh Chang Beaches Guide Even in high season, it is difficult to detect tourists, both in the area and in Salakkok village. The only attraction here is the mangrove. Head south along east coast and at road pointer turn left to Salak Khok bay where you will find a few hotels (Ploy Talay, Judo, Rommai Challay etc), which are usually on weekends and holidays are filled with Thai people arriving from Bangkok. All other resorts are located on east side of Salak Phet bay.


Salak Khok Bay Overview

All hotels are located on east side of Salak Khok bay. Another 500 meters down the road goes 90 degrees to the left and in front of you are local school and temle(wat) at a distance of some wooden bungalows - 500 Bath/night - built on the border of the mangrove line.
Mangroves in Salak bay are another Koh Chang attraction. In the midst of trees leads cognitive path made of concrete, mounted on stilts. The path sacroc mangrove has a viewing platform and interpretive displays. Here are the special nursery for growing mangrove trees which in turn are home to many species of reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish, as well as protect the coast from storms, as if living wall .
Salak Khok Bay Overview, Koh Chang Beaches Guide
A Kayak rental fee in Salak Khok Kayak station not great, inexpensive seafood restaurant. You can rent a kayak and follow the numbered markers through channels in the middle of mangroves in the Gulf or hire a guide for the entire trip.
Kayak Station is located in local fishermen community where you can see the real life of bay's residents. The project belongs to the community and some islanders have invested money here, some of them work in the restaurant, some play the traditional musical instruments or dancing in the evenings for tourists on board a wooden Thai gondolier. Villagers share the profits and they are confident that there is a possibility to earn a living from tourism, not abandoning their traditional way of life and not destroying the environment. Many tour operators in Koh Chang offer these cruises, but if you want just run among the mangroves by kayak, you need to get here.
Salak Khok Bay Overview, Koh Chang Beaches Guide
At the end of the road there is another small fishing community. About 20 buildings located on the Eastern shore of the bay. You will find that despite the amazing views of the mangrove lagoon and majestic jungle tightly covering the mountains, here you don't feel the presence of tourist activities. The tiny pier are usually one or two large boat belonging to Marine Department and if you are lucky you can watch the picture coming back from sea fishing boats, loaded catch. The Bay itself is very well protected, because access to sea just 100 meters wide, and north-east is rarely affected by the winds and waves, which are strongly break west coast, during the rainy season.
Salak Khok Bay Overview, Koh Chang Beaches Guide
On the opposite side of the bay, hidden from the prying eyes of mangrove trees is a luxurious The Spa Koh Chang which is a branch of the Spa Samui, and opened in mid-2006. Various treatments, yoga, healthy food, a swimming pool with sea water and beautiful home atmosphere to create visitors excellent vibes for recreation.
Salak Khok Bay Overview, Koh Chang Beaches Guide

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