Koh Chang Attractions - What to See in Koh Chang
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Koh Chang Attractions

What to See in Koh Chang

Koh Chang Attractions - What to See in Koh Chang Top Koh Chang attractions - the beautiful untouched nature, the best beaches on the map of the island and a quiet way of life of local people. Waterfalls are one of the most popular places to see in the island who love families with kids.

Chao Por Koh Chang is the most revered shrine and place support peace and good luck to the islanders. Children will be delighted by a trip around the island, including mangrove forests. If you want to see how the locals live, be sure to visit one of the fishing villages in the southern part of the island.

Forget the theme parks and high-tech playgrounds. Instead, head for example to crocodiles show or visit Koh Chang viewpoints, or even better hire a car or motorbike and explore the sights of the island yourself!
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Koh Chang Beaches
Koh Chang Waterfalls
Koh Chang Beaches Koh Chang island is filled with spectacular stretches of beaches, intricate mountain backgrounds and emerald waters. From isolated enough to live, Koh Chang beaches will satisfy any visitor

Koh Chang Waterfalls Koh Chang island has five waterfalls. The most popular and easily accessible is Klong Phlu Waterfall and Than Mauam waterfall, both located in Klong Prao beach area. The most popular Klong Plu Waterfall...

Islands Nearby Koh Chang
Koh Chang Villages
Islands Nearby Koh Chang On Koh Chang there are many interesting sights while the island itself is surrounded by some smaller islands, each of which may offer its own unique attractions ..

Koh Chang Villages The center of Bang Bao believe the old fishing village where the pier you can see the fishing boats and houses on stilts, but make no mistake, because now the center moved ashore...

Koh Chang Mangrove
Mu Koh Chang Marine Park
Koh Chang Mangrove Mangrove trees in Salak Khok bay are another attraction of Koh Chang island. In the thick bushes leads specially built for this concrete path, with observation platforms and interpretive displays.

Mu Koh Chang Marine National Park Mu Ko Chang National Marine Park was created in late 1981 and includes Koh Chang island and 46 other, smaller islands. In general the park area is 192 square kilometers of land and 458 square kilometers of the sea surface.

Koh Chang Temples
Koh Chang Viewpoints
Koh Chang Temples In our days the temples are still a central part of Thai life and Koh Chang sacred structures are living, breathing places, which serve as an invaluable bridge to the past, holding together people involved endless traditions of their...

Koh Chang ViewpointsKoh Chang has the views that would make any artist to take up an easel and brush, hoping to create a grandiose picture. Here for you some of the best Koh Chang viewpoints.


Chao Po Koh Chang Shrine

ВСЕ ОТЕЛИ КО ЧАНГ ОТДЫХ НА КОХ ЧАНГ ТУРЫ НА ОСТРОВ КО ЧАНГ KOH CHANG KOH CHANG ISLAND KOH CHANG HOTELSChao Po Koh Chang shrine is one of the oldest and most respected spiritual centers of the island, both for locals and for visitors to Koh Chang . The name of the Chinese shrine located in Ao Sapparod means in literary translation as "Holy father Koh Chang". Moving from Centerpoint pier to Koh Chang's west coast beaches, on the right side, you will see Chao Po & Chao Mae Koh Chang chinese temple.


Naval Battle Ground Memorial (Boriwaen Yutthanavee)

Naval Battle Ground Memorial (Boriwaen Yutthanavee) Naval Battle Ground historical place where the French and Thai naval forces fought during the time of the French colonization of Indochina. Everyone remembers the battle occurred on January 17, 1921. During the battle ship" Thonburi " the Royal Thai Navy was sunk.

The Royal Thai Navy and the people of the Trat province remember those days starting from the 17-th until the 21-st January, annually, floating garlands of the sea in honor of those who died during the battle. The location is south of Long beach and the wreck is very popular with divers.

Buddhist Temples (Wat) in Koh Chang

Buddhist Temples (Wat) in Koh Chang In Thailand there are about a thousand temples or Wat by Thai. Some of them are different from each other in style and size but according to Buddhist architectural principles patterns within the temple must include the Bot (ubosot) is big hall to perform religious ceremonies; Viharn - room to accommodate the various Buddhist images and to perform religious ceremonies by non-professionals;

In Koh Chang you will find Buddhist temples in the main villages of the island and don't forget to dress polity and remove your shoes before entering the sanctuary.


Crocodile Show in Koh Chang

ВСЕ ОТЕЛИ КО ЧАНГ ОТДЫХ НА КОХ ЧАНГ ТУРЫ НА ОСТРОВ КО ЧАНГ KOH CHANG KOH CHANG ISLAND KOH CHANG HOTELS Finally, and on Koh Chang somehow reached crocodiles. On this site it is necessary to look at least to be a witness exciting "Fight with the crocodile", held here several times a day. On top of spectacle - a deadly trick, when the tamers put their heads in the jaws of crocodiles.

Show time with a funny name Koh Chang Crocodile show held daily twice a day in Baan Chivit village near Klong Prao beach on the way to Klong Phlu waterfall. Start: 12:00 and 14:00.
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