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Thong Sala Food Market

Koh Phangan Restaurants & Dining

Thong Sala Food Market, Koh Phangan Restaurants & Dining, pantip night food center Thong Sala Food market, also known as Pantip Food Center is located in the heart of Thong Sala and this is the best place to discover Thai food in Koh Phangan. Colorful Bazaar of local food, snacks and drinks is beginning to revive in the late afternoon and after dark plays with bright colors and smells attracting numerous visitors, so this place is also called night food market.

With the best selection of food lover tummy satisfying, Pantip Food market is located in the centre of the island's capital and your trip to Koh Phangan would not be complete without a visiting to this delicious Bazaar.
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Where is it

Pantip Food Market is located in the center of Thong Sala on Taladmai road (street runs from the ring road in front of ferry pier) near 7/11 Minimart. The place is easy to spot oby the big sign outside 'Pantip-Food-Market' and a large number of motorbikes parked around the night market. At night the place is well lit and easy to find.

Highlights and Features

Thong Sala Night Food market Food market consists of many illuminated outdoor stalls that sell ready-made food: spicy red and green curry, chicken with rice, fried fish and shrimp in Thai style noodles phad thai different variations with shrimp, grilled chicken, various salads, including the famous Som Tam (salad of green papaya), pancakes (roti) and massaman carri, khanom chin with huge varieties of ingredients, satay gai (grilled chicken marinated in herbs and honey served with peanut sauce, sushi, larb gai/moo (spicy salad with chicken/pork), fresh fruits and fruit sheikers, dry squids and fish, meatballs on skewers (Luk chin), ice cream, roast pork or beef (nuea pad/moo), sai-krock (balls of minced rice with pork), spring rolls with vegetables, a large selection of vegetarian food and much more.

Thong Sala Night Food marketYou also can try traditional Thai desserts (khanom) here, like mango and sticky rice (khao niew maa muang), fried bananas (pad gluai), taro and sweet potatoes, and cool desserts made from a mixture of corn, red beans, noodles, coconut milk, sweets from coke oven chips. These cabins can sometimes inspire fears of cleanliness and hygiene, but most clients find them quite comfortable and incredibly cheap. Prices start from 10 Bath for satay gai/pork to 30-40 Bath for chicken+rice. Many stalls have their own tables and chairs where you can dine.

Pantip Food Center

Pizza Chiara Ristorante & Pizzeria Food, food and more food! Slightly deep in food market area you will discover two levels of Pantip Food Center is similar to a small food court with several stalls and restaurants with different food, including Thai, Chinese, Indian, Italian food (pizza) and international cusine. Expect to see a menu of all the Thai favorites including Tom Yam Gung (sweet and sour soup with shrimp), tom ka gai (chicken soup with coconut milk ), phad thai (fried noodles), som tam bpu (green papaya spicy salad with crab), gaeng daeng (red carri), gai phad med ma muang (fried chicken with cashew nuts), khao phad gai, gung, moo (fried rice with chicken, shrimp, pork), gaeng keow wan gai (green curry with chicken), yam wua/moo/thale (spicy beef/pork/seafood salad) and much more. On the second flor you can find Bar BQ Buffet & Salad, each meal is 109 Bath only.
Casa Italiana restaurant Cha Cha restaurant offers a menu where you will find steakes from fish, chicken, pork, beef (100-170 Bath/dish) as well as red and white house wine by 90 Bath/glass. A slice of pizza - 40 Bath and full pizza 140 Bath. Some vegetarian dining options are also available. The drinks menu is local and imported chilled beer and juices, and if you are not enough head to 7/11. In food market you can dine with their drinks, including booze. Overall, in Pantip Food Center average price per dish is approximately 50 Bath.

Thong Sala Pantip Night Food Market

opening hours: 16:00 - 23:00, beat time to go after 18:00
location: Pantip Food Market is located in the center of Thong Sala on Taladmai road (street runs from the ring road in front of ferry pier) near 7/11 Minimart.


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