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Koh Phangan Music Festivals & Parties

Halfmoon Festival, Blackmoon Culture, Shiva Moon, Sramanora, Loi Lay Floating, Jungle Experience, R&S Party

Koh Phangan Music Festivals & Parties, Halfmoon Festival, Blackmoon Culture, Shiva Moon, Sramanora, Loi Lay Floating, Jungle Experience, R&SAfter sunset, Koh Phangan practically transforms itself from an paradise beach destination to a buzzing network of a lively bars and nightclubs. There are plenty of music festivals and parties to choose from in Koh Phangan. The bigger outdoor parties are: Half Moon Festival, Jungle Experience, Black Moon Culture, Shiva Moon and of course FMP. Nearly every week there is a large rave to check out. There are also party nights at spots like R & S and Loi Lay Floating Bar. Sabaii Bay Resort holds after parties for all the big events.

Music Festivals and clubbing on Koh Phangan is a must if you want to feel the night-pulse of the island; experience Koh Phangan only by day and you get just half of the picture. The island gets busy during music festival times so be sure to book a hotel in advance. Check this section regularly for updates and additions.
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Half Moon Festival
Jungle Experience
Half Moon Festival Half Moon Festival Koh Phangan is the biggest moon party in Ban Tai with most talented international DJs & Janes playing Tech, Deep House & Trance Music. Half Moon Festival features the latest sound system, highest quality equipments and...

Jungle Experience Jungle Experience concept is a combination of house & tech music, magical UV design, film and body-art in one stunning eco party location unique to Koh Phangan. The Music festival takes place 1&10 days before Full Moon in the jungle of Baan Tai area

Shiva Moon Family
Blackmoon Culture
Shiva Moon Family Shiva Moon is another exciting Ban Tai's party held in the jungles of Koh Phangan island 3 days before and 3 after Fullmoon party. The lively music festival is famous among locals and tourists for the quality psy and trance music

Blackmoon Culture The Blackmoon Culture is one of the most expected party on Koh Phangan Nightlife scene. This high-octane music festival held at Mac's Bay resort right on sandy Baan Tai beach in the night of a new moon. Now in its fourteen year, Blackmoon Culture

Loi Lay Floating Party
Rhythm & Sands
Loi Lay Floating Party Loi Lay brought the sunday tech house floating party concept to Koh Phangan, opening to the public, gently rocking in the sea the bar and lounge in Baan Tai beach. New Loi Lay's resident DJs' collections of Electro funky house music mixed with progressive...

Rhythm & Sands Nestled inside The Beach Village in Baan Tai, Rhythm & Sands (R&S) is the next level a music festival experience for cutting-edge partying on the hot Koh Phangan's sand. This nightspot stands at the top-end of hip and draws in a more creative

Baan Sabaii
Baan Sabaii Ban Sabaii (Baan Sabai) is the Trance after party that take place
in the mornings or right after a Full Moon party, or by sunset the following day. This music festival sometimes features sometimes acid moon or progressive nights is

Sramanora Sramanora is a famous Techno-House Party held two nights before and after FMP deep in the jungle of Baan Kai beach under the picturesque Sramanora waterfall. The outdoor dancing club features a natural swimming pool, comfy chill-out zone



Moon Set Party at Pirates bar

Moon Set Party Pirates BarIf you stay in Haad Chao Phao beach on Koh Phangan west coast for hot night fun head to Moon Set Party Pirates Bar is located in a small cove with a good music and spreading the moonlight. The Moon Set Party at the Pirate Bar hold usually 3 days before and after FMP in amazing setting with a backdrop of shear rock clifts. The most of being in Pirates Bar is absolutely fabulous! The beach party with international DJs set in the rocks and plays barely exclusively Techno Trance & House music and outdoor dancing arenas, as one drink 20 cups of non-alcoholic alternatives such as Singha Beer Chang Archa or how the bright full moon.

hours: ? 16:30 - till late
location: the southern end of Haad Chao Phao beach, right on the beach

Slip N Fly Party

Slip N Fly PartyThe great place for fun and party, Slip N Fly is the first water-park of Koh Phangan, Thailand. Opened in 2014, today it is one of the main attraction on the island and SlipNfly 'day-time-water-party-park' is only open during schedulled events every month; within 2 or 5 days, usually two times a month, starts 2 days before Fullmoon party and 2 days before Halfmoon festival.

Location: The Slip N Fly party can be found near Baan Madeu Wan village in the jungle area of Koh Phangan. The water park is sitting right next to the road between Thong Sala and Chaloklum.
Opening hours: 11am - 7pm; Dates are subject to change due to weather and National Holidays. You can check the schedule...


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